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What LaVar has done for the Skins!!!


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I would like to share some of my thoughts about LaVar Arrington and would like to know your thoughts about the Redskins organization and why this might be happening to such a talented linebacker.

Let me just start by saying that I think that LaVar Arrington is a great presence to be felt on the Redskins' defense, just like how Ray Lewis is on the Ravens. I don’t understand why he isn’t being played at all, even for at least 20 snaps, but I must say that it is very disappointing in how all this is coming about, but who am I to say how things are to be ran in DC. I am a die hard REDSKINS fan and will always be, but I too am entitled to my own opinion. I mean has everyone forgotten who Arrington is. Well let me remind you for a little bit. He is the guy that only a few years ago when the Redskins were 0-5, staring 0-6 in the face at 14 to nothing to Carolina, he intercepted Chris Wenkie's pass and took it, I believe, 68 yards to the house. They won that game 17 to 14 and that play started it off. They almost went 6 and 5 but lost to the Bears by a fake field goal and ended the season winning 8 of 11, WOW!!! He is also the guy in one game versus the Rams at FedEx Field who sacked Warner on the Rams final drive of the game to save a possible touchdown; they won that game as well. He is also the guy that quarterbacks fear, just look at the lick he put on Troy Aikman. He also is the guy that registered 11 sacks in a season for a linebacker. I guess you can tell that I am a LaVar Arrington fan. I know that Greg Williams is a great coach and should realize that he has a playmaker warming the bench. I also believe that the SKINS have a chance this year to do something special and they need someone like LaVar to pressure the quarterback. They need their defense to be pumped up to get those picks/sacks and to start scaring offenses even more, nothing against the other players on defense at all cause they are doing a great job, but don’t let your playmaker warm the bench, put him in the game. Defense wins championships! For example, Baltimore won a championship in 2000, despite their 5-4 record during the middle of the season... That was all DEFENSE!!! Let's face it the Redskins offense doesn't scare anyone yet. I just see it as this, if the guy is a threat on the defense then why don’t you play him, fine I understand that you have packages for your defense but include him cause he is a difference maker for the Redskins that are 3-1 for the first time in over a decade and for a team that has 4 sacks and 1 pick you need a player like LaVar playing and causing some problems for offenses. Hey, maybe it’s a pride thing for the coaches that think that they can win without him and maybe they can, but what a presence it would be to have him on the field the sametime as the other guys making plays. I sit back and wonder what is Washington going to do, release/trade him after this season, yeah probably, they do this to all good players, then after next season or the season after the coaches will move on and leave the REDSKINS to find new playmakers, when all along they've been in Washington this whole time. When will we have a guy retire a REDSKIN again? Tell me that. We had the great Art Monk, Brian Mitchell, Darrell Green and a lot of other greats. I have been a REDSKINS fan for a long time and remember, Earnest Byner and Darrel Green. I even remember when Brian Mitchell played quarterback in one game; and also Joe Gibbs from when I was a kid, I love to see that guy smile, I remember how happy he was after the Dallas game (week 2), that was a moment I won’t forget for a long time. I have never been to a DC game but I have been to the last 2 games played in San Francisco in “1999” and “2004” and they were both wins. I really do hope that the REDSKINS get it together someday, hopefully sooner than later, so that the younger fans that grow up idolizing a player would actually get to see their player retire a REDSKIN.

God bless form one extreme fan,


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