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"Tuck rule - A player, typically the quarterback, drops the ball when his arm is moving forward to tuck the ball away. The action is considered an incomplete pass rather than a fumble because his arm is moving forward."

That is the explanation of the Tuck Rule I found. Now I'm sure anyone watching the Washington vs. Denver game knows where this is going.

According to the rule, if the quarter back hasn't COMPLETELY tucked away the ball after bringing the ball back down out of passing mode, and the ball is knocked away, it is considered an in complete pass. However, anyone watching the game on Sunday could have easily seen that Jake Plummer clearly had the ball in BOTH hands before he lost control, making it a legitimate fumble. The officials on the field even called the play as such, until it was challenged. This is when the play was reversed on account of the "Tuck Rule".

I'm just curious, how do you all feel about this rule, and how it was used in the Denver game(Right or Wrong call?)

Had they not have overturned that safety, the Redskins end up winning the game.

Please discuss.

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