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does all this mean that Deion comes back?


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And those sartorial choices our boy Deion is making are pretty cool too. I have a picture of me from '75 in a leisure suit. Someday, I'n guessing Mr. Sanders will be as proud of picture of him in his present wardrobe as I am of mine from back then.

What a guy.

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Buddha, you think a heady GM wouldn't try it!!!1 smile.gif Smart idea dude! If Deion came back what could he do??? Better to manipulate the paper and let him be the star attraction in Houston, while we scoop a DT, or QB or something to pad the roster fo the future. Buddha, I will arrange for a flight for you, some expense accounts and papers for Mr. Sanders to sign. (Sorry no reroutes to Las Vegas on the return flight).

Skins57, that color is known as "puke" and is often found in Alternative Clothiers for the Young and Restless. If I ever go to Kordell Stewart for advice it will be on having a "widower's peak" haircut, but dam* sho' won't be on puttin' on the rags'. laugh.gif

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Guest Mick Light

The story of Deion coming back might be little more juicier if he had actually played for Spurrier at Florida, as opposed to FSU smile.gif


I had to make like a blind man at an orgy ; I had to feel my way around.

Leslie Nielsen, The Naked Gun

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