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WP: Ranking the QBs

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[excerpts from "Training Camp Tracker"]

Ranking the QBs

How The Post sees it after Thursday's practice:

By Jessica Hopp

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, July 26, 2002; Page D7

1. Danny Wuerffel was solid when there was little pressure, making long sharp passes, but with a hand in his face, he struggled. Said Spurrier: "We don't have much throwing lanes right now. They push backward too much in the middle. We need to get a little firmer in there at times."

2. Sage Rosenfels was the most consistent performer with and without pressure. But he had a few passes almost intercepted. He also threw a nice pass over the shoulder of Cliff Russell for about 20 yards.

3. Shane Matthews did not improve from Wednesday's poor showing. He threw almost as many incompletions as completions, trying to thread the ball through defenders, and was long on a handful of attempts.

4. Patrick Ramsey missed his third day of camp. He has not signed a contract.


Spurrier was asked to describe the quarterbacks' play:

"It's hard to say how far we've progressed. The defense is coming hard [rushing] right now. The quarterbacks are sort of trying to pitch out of a basement window. . . . That means they had about five guys in their face. You ever been in a basement with the windows way up there and you are trying to throw out of it?"

Who's Hot, Who's Not

In a drill in which running backs were supposed to be blocking linebackers, linebacker LaVar Arrington hit Kenny Watson so hard that the second-year pro went flying through the air and was left flat on his back. Watson took a moment to stand up, but continued practice unfazed. . . .

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