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Thank you Vince and Joe


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In my lifetime, I have had the great pleasure of witnessing the magic of Lombardi and Gibbs. They may have been the two greatest head coaches the NFL ever had. The Redskins (and I) have indeed been fortunate to benefit from their talents and personalities. If the skins never win another Superbowl, I will still feel satisfied by what they accomplished during my tenure as a fan. Of course, I'm sure you younger guys will need more. You have to see and feel a championship to appreciate the pure elation that comes with the success. Reading about it from an historical perspective falls far short from the magic of the moment. Hail to the Redskins....and thanks for the memories.

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Well put Scottb. It's timely too for this reason:

Prior to Vince Lombardi's arrival, the Skins were the doormat for other teams victories, even with the galant effort of 1966, falling 1 game short of the playoffs. The 40's produced storybook endings and the gap occured from that point of the 50's to to Lombardi's arrival. Otto Graham was known more for his playing days in Cleveland, as the Brown's golden boy of the 50's and early 60's. The Skins were desperate need of new energy. The successful and powerful Green Packers were in transition and Lombardi was souring with the impatient front office in Green Bay, so he being free, signed the historic deal with the Skins.

His first few months saw him being graced over every inch of D. C. from Duke Zeibert's to Congress, to cabinet members of the White House. He was superior and popular without though, so he immediately cleaned the cupboard, mainly of ineffective players, signed some key rookies, like Larry Brown, Bob Brunet and others, grabbed some old Packers just to get things going in the right direction. His short tenure put a stamp on the team, that Austin couldn't understand, so after Lombardi's death, he was fired and George Allen, an innovator of sorts and unusual coach was brought in to figure out what Lombardi was doing. Allen had his own way and yet he inlcuded several holdovers that worked hard and kicked behind. Jerry Smith, Chris Hanburger, George Starke, Larry Brown, Bob Brunet, Richie Harris, Sonny J, Charley Taylor, Len Hauss, Pat Fischer among others, were more than up to the challenge of forming the fastest change in team chemistry in years, in 1971, surpassed only by guess who?

Yep, like Allen, Joe Gibbs would take his team to the Superbowl, in only his second year, but unlike Allen, Gibbs would win it! Allen, nevertheless put excitement into watching what would become known as "Redskin's football". A brand of smash mouth, first instituted by Vince Lombardi, then innovated by George Allen, and then improvised, perfected by Joe Gibbs. All three coaches would become familiar with the lone Cowboy coach for the entire era of all three mainly (Gibbs would face Jimmy Johnson later, before retiring after the 1992 season).

All three coaches used players to do what they do best, yet fit in somehow to the overall scheme of things to produce characters, never to be forgotten (the Dancing Bear, Riggo, "Hauss", the Hogs, Huff, Jurgy, JoeyT, Superman, MX, Smurfs, Fun Bunch, the Undertaker ("Deacon"), Riggo's Rangers, Dexter, Conan, Mel, Little Pat Fischer, Brig, B'Mitch, Mike Bass, Tank McClinton, and on.

Those memories, the atmosphere, the events of the era and the way they played the game while living their sometimes funny, perilous or obnoxious lives, touched us all, deep so much so, we can still feel the stadium off of Eastern Ave, in N. E. D. C. rocking and the stands shaking, trembling with horns, cowbells, and the chants, the tears of joy in playoffs or disgust in Minnesota and Kansas City, but still proud that they never quit and fought for ole'

D. C.

Those banners have voices and memories irreplaceable!

I am already satisfied and anything else is just garvy, because I watched Graham, Lombardi, Allen and Gibbs coach the Skins to memorable performances and ALL are in the Hall of Fame!

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Being a young one my first real Redskins moment was when I was barely 6 watching Doug Williams throw 4 td's against Denver. I can vividly remember being 10 and watching the Redskins dominate the NFL in 1991 and easily walk to a Super Bowl victory. I just can't wait for the next time that happens. As far as I am concerned the only thing that I wish Joe Gibbs had had was an undefeated season. He was litteraly 7 points away from 2 undefeated seasons (if you discount that Super Bowl loss to the Raiders) Definitley one of the all time greats

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