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Most...Valuable... Brand???

Zen-like Todd

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I have no idea what this ranking means, exactly, but we're on the list... below the Cowboys, however.


Another first-place finish for Yankees

July 9, 2002 Print it

NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees have been dubbed the MVB -- Most Valuable Brand -- in a study.

The FutureBrand 2002 Sports Team Brand Valuation Study identified loyalty of the local fan base as the key characteristic that drives brand value for professional sports teams.

As part of its study, FutureBrand calculated the brand value of 80 professional teams in football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

According to the survey, the Yankees have a brand value of $334 million.

Following the Yankees were the Dallas Cowboys ($330 million), Los Angeles Lakers ($272 million), New York Knicks ($236 million) and Washington Redskins ($191 million).

Rounding out the top 10 were the New York Giants, Chicago Bulls, New York Rangers, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Red Wings.

"Brand value is not just a consequence of a team's success at winning, but of management's success in building and marketing a team's popularity," said Sebastian Shapiro, coordinator of the study.

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