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82 Super Bowel ball


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I am a collector of autographed sports memorabillia and while I think that what you have is priceless, it would probably command between $300 - $400 on Ebay. You could probably get more for it in the right atmosphere. Items like that have relative value depending on where you sell it. For example, if you were auctioning it off at a Redskins event with proceeds going to charity you probably could get at least $1000 for it.

To best gauge what autographed Super Bowl memorabillia is going for on the open market these days - your best bet is to go to EBAY.com and type "signed Super Bowl" and "autograph Super Bowl" into the search engine and see what comes up.

Recently an autographed full size Chiefs helmet autographed by 34 members of the Super Bowl V Champions was up to a mere $150 with a few days remaining It could climb to as high as $500 I would think. The replica version of this helmet is worth $90 unsigned.

Hope that I helped with your question. Are you planning to sell it? If so, I could help broker a deal for you. I know plenty of people who would offer top $$ for it.

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