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Redskins on the Weather Channel???

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So I'm having lunch at the Mexican restaurant near my neighborhood here in Atlanta. The TVs are on, mostly playing a Spanish-speaking show, "Contodos!" It's riveting drama, but out of the corner of my eye I see a golden jersey flashing on the Weather Channel on the TV far across the restaurant. I look more closely and Jason Campbell is tossing a football and then there's a shot of Santana Moss catching.

Is the signing of Jason Campbell so big that it makes the Weather Channel now? I couldn't hear what they were saying on that TV because the Spanish radio station was playing a little too loud.

By the way, the chips and salsa were so good, I think I ate too many. I now feel like Mark Brunnel looks in evucci's Day 3 pics. I may not be online for awhile if this keeps up. :puke:

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