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They have been showing one every morning at 8am EST. Really cool highlight show from the 70's with Pat Summeral.

Today's episode was 1972 Week 2. Allen's "Over the Hill Gang" beat up on the Cardinals. I loved those Redskin Uni's and just great old school highlights. It was wild watching video of Namath and Unitas with the commentators talking like it just happened.

Anybody know if they ever sold these as video's? I would love to have these in season's, not just one or two of every year like they are playing on Classic. Especially the 72 season, it was funny listening to Summerall predict a Viking win over the Dolphins and Brookshier take the riskier pick taking what we now know is the only undefeated team ever.

If you have ESPN Classic, do yourself a favor and record these shows, the Redskin highlight's alone are worth watching, but seeing stuff like Tarkenton playing for the Giants(an episode from '69) is trippy.

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