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Tony Bourdain's new show!


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Tony Bourdain is my favorite “anti-celebrity” chef. This guys rocks! If you get a chance read his book “Kitchen Confidential”. Funny as hell. He has had a show on The Food Network for a few years now called "A Cook’s Tour”. You can still catch it every Wednesday morning at 4 am (DVR recommended).

Now he has switched networks and has a new show on the Travel Channel called "No Reservations". Trust me, if you are a foodie, you’ll want to watch it. Tony is no wimpy chef with a nose in the air attitude. He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and cusses like a sailor. He is just damn cool, no doubt about it. He is favorite “lefty” by far.

Here is a sample of his style on the new show:

"Strong Man's Soup"

Iceland — a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic. It sits just below the Arctic Circle. Steam rising from its hot springs and geysers. Less than 300,000 people live here. It feels extraterrestrial. Hit it in wintertime with only four hours of sunlight a day, and you feel like you're walking on a frozen planet. What may seem like a dark, dank, suicidal time of year for most people, is in fact for Icelanders anything but. I'm told they manage to turn the extended hard day's night into a rollicking good time, eating, drinking and pumping iron?

Exercise is one of the ways Icelanders preserve their health and sanity during the winter. No wonder the world's strongest man for many years was from this country. Athletic facilities in general fill me with terror and dread. Look. I can't even make it to the gym when it's sunny and the cab drops me off at the front door. I need a little more than the promise of sweaty ripped abs and better health if I'm going to drag myself out of bed on a cold, dark morning. But I'm with some of Iceland's elite strongmen and they have just the thing for me.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Greta, the gym's resident mom and chef, is making up some kjotsupa for the muscle dudes. A traditional lamb soup made of fatty lamb, rutabaga, onion, carrot, celery, cabbage, leek and a fistful of rice to thicken. It’s a kind of hearty peasanty food I really like. This heaping bowl of protein is the feed of choice for the strong guys in training. They eat it before and after exercise. Before and after. Yeah. Me, I'd eat two bowls of this then I'd need a nice, long nap. I wouldn't feel like lifting heavy objects. They say the soup makes you bulky and strong. I've had three bowls and I'm getting nowhere.


Again I say, you must check this man out!


See Tony on the horsey! Is there any animal the producers don't think I absolutely have to climb on? I coulda' been killed by this vicious nag. He tried to throw me at least three times. He rammed his nose into my groin, and took a mean kick at me when I wasn't looking. Fortunately, due to my excellent equestrian skills — and a natural way with animals — I was able to control the beast and thus save him from the glue factory. That's what kind of guy I am. [/Quote]

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