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Drew Rosenhaus vs. the Packers

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The more I follow the actions of NFL agents the more I think this guy is the top of the slime ball heap.


Rosenhaus replies to Favre's criticism



Posted: July 13, 2005

]After another round of disparaging remarks from quarterback Brett Favre regarding Green Bay Packers teammate Javon Walker's holdout, Walker's agent suggested that Favre should call him so they can discuss the situation.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus is upset with the recent comments Brett Favre has made about Rosenhaus' clients possibly holding out of training camp.

Drew Rosenhaus said Wednesday that he was bothered by Favre's most recent comments, which were made this week during interviews with several ESPN-sponsored programs. In addition to taking Walker to task for skipping the Packers' mandatory minicamp in April, he reiterated his position that the wide receiver is not doing himself any favors in the locker room with his current stance.

"I wish he would call me so we could talk and I could let him know the facts," Rosenhaus said. "I think there are a lot of things he doesn't know about our situation. There are a lot of things he needs to know."

Some of the remarks Favre made were aimed at Rosenhaus, who has signed on some of the NFL's top players and in some cases is threatening a holdout.

Rosenhaus defended Walker's decision to skip minicamp and said that his client would have attended if the Packers had given him some kind of assurance they would address his contract situation in the near future. He said the Packers refused to even consider it.

The agent said it was very important to Walker that people know he would have come in if the Packers had given him their word they would discuss a new deal at some point this season. He said he approached them on behalf of Walker in February to get the ball rolling on a new deal but has gotten nowhere.

Rosenhaus said the Packers have not been amenable to doing anything toward upgrading Walker's contract this season. He said a decision on whether Walker would report for training camp in two weeks hadn't been made.

Rosenhaus said it was completely untrue that Walker sprang his contract demands on the Packers at the last minute and then kept them in the dark in regard to whether he would attend the mandatory minicamp.

Favre didn't attack Rosenhaus directly regarding his handling of Walker, but he did knock his tactics and said holding out was akin to turning your back on your teammates.

"I'd hate to walk into the locker room every day and know I turned my back on the players," Favre said on the ESPN show "Cold Pizza." "Ultimately the player has to make a decision. The agent can make a recommendation, but you can say yeah or no.

"If you're going to listen to your agent and let him tell you everything and you go by it, I mean, you have to step up for yourself and your team. The money is out there to be had. When a contract is signed you understand that if you play well, maybe in time they'll renegotiate."

Walker, who has two years remaining on the five-year deal he signed as a rookie in 2001, is scheduled to make a base salary of $515,000 this season. Last year he made the Pro Bowl for the first time, leading the Packers with 89 receptions for 1,328 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Hawkins signs: The Green Bay Packers announced that they had signed cornerback Mike Hawkins, their second of two fifth-round choices in the draft.

Hawkins is the fifth of the Packers' 11 picks to have signed a contract.

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