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Suspect Offseason??


How much do you have saved up?  

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  1. 1. How much do you have saved up?

    • Pretty much zero.
    • About a month or two's expenses.
    • Three to six months' expenses.
    • About a year or so's worth of cash.
    • I could live for years without earning another cent.

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I read a few posts here and the preseason mags. They all seem to say the skins had a horrific off season for these reasons

1. They let there best reciever get away for nothing.

Coles is not the same reciever he was 2-3 years ago the nagging toe injury is IMHO slowing him his numbers last year were 95 catches for 900+ yards.. Not real impressive that is like catch it and get on the ground reminiscent of an old TE named Jamie Asher. I dont think the trade was that bad.

2. they didnt improve their weaknesses.

They addressed their biggest weakness O-line which was the main ingredient in the offensive struggles last year. RABACH and the return of JANSEN are huge improvements that I seldom hear mentioned.

They lost SMOOT and drfted ROGERS to replace him

The CAMPBELL draft choice can not be judged yet and in a sense he is really next years first round pick because thats the main thing we coughed up for him

Just because Danny wasnt out making big splash after big splash this off season doesnt mean it wasnt a good one.

Your thoughts?

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1. We got comparable value for Coles. Moss is hardly nothing

2. I would say that we did not improve our d-line, which is certainly the weak spot on our D. Hopefully Phil Daniels will provide a sorely needed pass rush for our D-line. However, I am confident that GW's schemes will continue to get pressure on the QB.

3. Losing Smoot and Pierce hurt us mainly in the area of leadership IMO. Hopefully Rogers can become the physical cover corner that William's seems to covet. I am confident in our staff that a combination of McCune/Marshall/Barrow?/Campbell/Holdman can provide an adequate substitute to Pierce. While definitely a leader on the field, Pierce was not the most physically gifted of players and is replaceable.

The key to this offseason has been coaching continuity. This is what, the 2nd time in 5 years that we have had the same coaching staff for consecutive years?

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