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Best bar in NVA,DC,MD to watch the skins?


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Over here Damons off beulah road is a great place to watch skins game. 3 huge projector screens, great wings, and great ribs. Also every week a rowdy group of fans come to watch the game. Definetly a place i would suggest. After i get my degree and inheritance money, ive been looking into opening up one for myself. Extremeskins bar and grille anyone?? I figure if i did that id attract atleast a few hundred customers the first night :laugh:

Theres so much money to be made off the redskins fans in this area. Such a huge fan base to please all year round. If you build it they will come. Look for it in the next 5 years!

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Originally posted by Phat Hog

I like Damons, but the ESPN Zone in B-more is my favorite spot to watch a game...too bad it's full of Ravens crap (like the fans)!

Yeah the espn zone in baltimore is nice although i have only watched an O's game there. For a good Redskin atmosphere Damons in the place to go... that is until i open up extremeskins bar and grille and get all you guys to come. :cheers:

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