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    March 3, 1958
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    Sonny Jurgenson
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    only our Skins!
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    NW, Washington, D.C.
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    bowling, animals, softball, Olympics
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    Lyft (4+ years), contracted by 20+ to do various tasks
  1. After 50 years of rooting for our Skins (until another name is chosen) I have bought into 4 home games. Not decided which will be mine. I'm a 4+ year Uber now Lyft driver & to alleviate their $60 parking fee I am willing to offer round trip rides from your home to Fed Ex & back if the riders pay for parking. My #'s are (202)686-8874=H/landline, with a cell of (202)374-2263 till 10:30 seven days. My email is HCDobson2013@yahoo.com. I don't do much of the tailgating thing but am openminded. We must run early/on time. I am a very good driver - not a nut out there. Shalom & God
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