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  1. And... How does one change the avatar image used for one’s profile? Can’t seem to find a way to edit it. Thanks in advance.
  2. It no longer exists because the team itself no longer exists. Very simple. And... How does one change the avatar image used for one’s profile? Can’t seem to find a way to edit it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m going to try posting these again, this time without any profanity. The last time I posted these I got a notice of multiple violations letter. Let’s see what happens this time...
  4. I’m on here because I’m heartbroken & pissed off. The truth is that I’ll likely calm down but I’m 48 and these guys are all I’ve known for my entire life. Now they’re gone. Make no mistake. What we will have is a completely new identity, a completely new entity, legally & in all other respects. Brand new. The ownership & the geography are all that remain. That’s just the reality. Like RalJon MD, the Redskins no longer exist. Mark my words; before the 2021 season all Redskins gear will be banned from the stadium. Most likely from EVERY NFL stadium. F
  5. When Snyder bought this team in ‘99, my dad said that they’d never win under his leadership. I thought he was crazy. Turns out he was right as rain. If you’re not successful under a certain owner in 20 years, it’s not going to happen. Show me one single case in the NFL where that has ever happened. Low performance for two decades, and now caving to corporatist extortion tactics & undue political pressures. I simply won’t do it anymore. It feels really good when you stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.
  6. A fan of 48 years of a team that no longer exists. 13. Please refrain from including overly explicit material in posts. This includes, but is not limited to, overly violent, obscene, or sexual content in any media form--- including text, pictures, gifs, audio clips, or videos. Use discretion, and err on the side of caution in instances where material you are considering posting might be considered “over the line.” A significant quantity of our traffic visits occur during work hours, are made in public environments, and are made by individuals less than 18 years of age. Thi
  7. </img>https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/gallery/image/9902-d81bab26-d63a-4a9b-a537-0752a83726d1jpeg/</img>
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