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  1. I have seen a guy make videos of what Cowboys fans say during the draft, games, and offseason. I couldn't find any Redskins videos until I stumbled onto this one. I have never related to a Redskins video more than this one
  2. I can see why the season would be canceled, if the US can't get the corona cases under control I heard doctors use steroids to treat patients with covid, but then Goodell would fine those players with covid lol I hope it's not canceled, but I know speaking for myself I hate being cooped up in the house all day. Sports will give us something to enjoy
  3. I love the front 4 but the linebackers are shaky to me, they just gotta prove themselves. Its their chance to show everyone they're NFL material Cornerbacks are under appreciated, with Fuller, Darby, and Moreau we have a good group. Collins is still an All-Pro talent at safety, the upside is there for us
  4. I'm not saying put Lamar Jackson in the 1920's, he would rip that league to shreds I'm saying put Sammy in today's league, as a college graduate and time travel to 2020 and have him compete with Haskins and Aleln for the QB1 gig I think he would lose out to Haskins just because he needs time to adjust to the new league
  5. I wish there could be a reality simulator that could put all the best players and pit them against each other. So if Sammy Baugh traveled forward in time, how would he stack against Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Wilson?
  6. I was 6 and was watching a Redskins documentary with my dad, it was the first time he taught me about football, the rules and how the game is played I remember John Riggins breaking that tackle and taking it the distance I have that picture hung up in my room Yeah I wasn't born yet, but that memory still lives on to this day