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  1. I think Kyle Smith may have convinced RR to play it cool and to let it play out to the Redskins advantage.
  2. And he can't hold out in 2020 and not get paid AGAIN, and get totally rusty from laying off for 2 years at his age, right? Couldn't they also threaten to toll his contract so he won't even become a free agent? And wouldn't the skins get a compensation pick when he does go free agent whether he plays or not? Trent is the one with the problem, not Wash. As RR said, "he still is under contract as a Redskin"...play or be screwed! Do not give him away for nothing or release him.
  3. We did this guy a favor....NOW HE NEEDS TO SHUT THE **** UP!
  4. I thought the FO waited as long as they dared before signaling that they're not drafting Tua. This move for Allen sets us up at QB for 20/21. Intrigue over.
  5. “Trent Williams reportedly wants a contract that makes him a top-paid tackle in the NFL again with a reported $20+ million per year asking price. The Redskins have also reportedly lowered their asking price from a 1st plus more last year, to a 2nd this year. They are reportedly willing to lower that even more to get a trade done. Trent Williams and his agent were given the permission to work out a trade, but those asking prices aren’t getting much action.” Regardless of the Redskins acquisition here, Trent Williams greedy, deluded asking price is the holdup. So, at what point does
  6. Dunbar to Seattle for a 5th looks like we went from #2 148 to #17 163 in the 5th Rd
  7. Williams wants $20M per year (greedy and deluded). Dunbar was making $3 M and probably could have been re-signed for like 3yrs $15M. I think he would have bought in to the culture with a new contract but I don't think RR believes in financial solutions.
  8. IF Rivera is basically "done" with Free Agency, that tells me that his plan is to trade our #2 draft pick for a package of three 1st and 2nd round picks that can fill some of the holes with players who can possibly start. What other option is left? Too bad the TE crop in the draft is weak. People who think the remaining FAs are all average or mediocre players need to look at the backups we have penciled as starters already. What the FAs are.. is overpriced which I think Rivera interprets as greedy and unworthy. Seems like kind of hard ass to me...I haven
  9. Done??? This team looks like swiss cheese with backup players penciled in as starters at a half dozen positions. LATE ROUND DRAFT CHOICES are not going to fill holes at QB, TE, WR, OL, and CB. In their rookie season, they either play sparingly or not at all, or don’t even make the team. There are plenty of good (not avg. or mediocre) FAs out there who will be forced to drop their price. I still believe the Skins are holding out for a few more of those opportunities.
  10. great ques. Not sure if that info is avail. anywhere. Further complication is that all contracts/signings are subject to physicals which cannot be undertaken...someone, or more, may not fly. "bigger players as less teams have cap space" may be exactly what Skins are waiting for, and for asking prices come down.
  11. The Redskins, who have more than $30 million remaining on the cap, sill need to add a veteran backup QB, and veteran starters at TE, WR, OL, and now, CB. You won’t find any veteran starters in the draft. They want -- and need -- to surround Haskins with more talent.
  12. " Dunbar recorded a career-high four interceptions and was ranked the No. 2 cornerback by Pro Football Focus -- he has a decent case for wanting a new deal. " The guy is also the best player in OUR secondary. And he is making peanuts as one of the best in the NFL. It's not disloyal to ask for a new contract. How stubbornly stupid do you have to be to not reward a terrific performance with something, even if not close to what he's worth. This is my biggest fear about Rivera. Not one of the free agent CBs out there sounds like a starting player.
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