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  1. The sad thing is even if we get the #1 pick next year we will still be 51 players away from a real football team
  2. It’s past regret. It’s now into the area of a federal crime that we let him go!
  3. If this president survives a 1-15 season then the owner is really the biggest idiot in NFL history
  4. I want the most senior ES member to take over all operations
  5. Yeah I’m drunk and the redskins can kiss my A__
  6. What’s more depressing is the amount of money I have spent the last 20 years on plane tickets, hotel rooms, game tickets, food, rental cars, time off work etc in the last 20 years to go to games.
  7. Will someone tell me why Cam Sims is not playing in games? and also why was Smallwood used more than AP and Mr Glass is this game? Haskins if your listening, when you see the blitz coming signal for a quick slant to your 1 play maker or some fast WR screen.
  8. When this season is over we will look back and say skins were 1 point away from a 0-16 record.
  9. If we only had a top 10 type of QB. Oh wait! We did have one and decided chase him out of DC
  10. Well...that Kirk guy sure did end up a pretty good QB. Who would of thunk it...
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