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  1. 09/08 1:00 PM 455 Washington 456 Philadelphia 46½u-10 -8½ -10
  2. You are absolutely correct...he was terrible. No ball skills, can't tackle, and doesn't want to hit. Hard to understand how he gets all this positive hype. I would rate him one of the worst FS out there. I'd take my chances with a late round pick before him.
  3. Yes...he was horrible in GB. I couldn't believe somebody wanted him. He has zero ball skills, plays so deep he has no effect on the play, always breaks late towards the play and most of the time goes the wrong way, and finally he can't tackle and doesn't like to hit. Just hope he's not here next year.
  4. Harriet33

    Starting QB 2019???

    After reading this article, maybe Fitzpatrick might be a good 1 year stop gap until we know what Smith and/or out 2019 draft pick leave us. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2821085-dont-overlook-ryan-fitzpatrick-on-the-qb-free-agent-market