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  1. I'm going to ban myself from any political debates. Have fun y'all and HTTR.
  2. Space is a vacuum. But I think we can agree that it is also 'something'.
  3. Interesting stuff, but I feel that Chopra's conclusion shows that the 'nothing' is still beyond understanding:
  4. Nope. I've been a Redskins fan since 1981 and there's not a whole lot to talk about in the Stadium right now other than Foster. So I thought I'd have a lively discussion with fellow fans about politics, religion and philosophy. If that's OK with you, of course.
  5. When the world's greatest minds can establish how absolutely nothing became something (referred to as 'The Big Bang' or 'Creation' if you prefer), and thus look beyond the human realm of science and understanding, then they will be able to address 'the mystery of consciousness'. If you accept what is patently obvious, then you will know that a presence that is completely beyond our earthly comprehension created everything, and that our consciousness is actually our soul.
  6. My initial point was valid. It's very hard to beat an incumbent president. Bush 41 lost because of Perot and Carter lost because of Iranian hostages. Polarizing presidents like Dubya and Obama won second terms because of the incumbent advantage. It's going to take someone extraordinary to overcome that, and I don't see that person among the current contenders.