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  1. Have you heard Biden’s speeches when not reading off a TelePrompTer? He has big issues. And his forgetting which state he is in several times over the past few months? The dude is 77 years old. I’ll admit Trump is a goober, but I would like to keep some of the 401k money I have earned over the past few decades, which I feel would vanish if Biden is in charge.
  2. Well then, To be fair, why don’t the mods Force the title of this thread to be ‘Altheimers Joe B. v. Corrupt Donny Trump’, or something like that. Why is it skewed so far to the left?
  3. This is a joke of a website. I get a 7 Day ban from Jumbo for posting something that is not pandering to the liberal base that this web site appears geared towards, but Jumbo and all the other mods have no problem leaving a liberal-slanted titled like this thread has had for ages, making it seem that Joe Biden is an angel and not suffering from dementia like we all know he has, and at the same time slandering Trump. Give me a friggen break. if Jumbo is a super liberal like he appears to be, at least have the decency to keep the forum threads fair and not slanted in one
  4. The Washington ultra-liberals has a nice sound to it, and is most akin to what the team has and will become.
  5. Well another argument against the change is to react to the masses clammering for any change for the sake of change. If everyone did that, then VA would have a different govenor now (I wish we did). Sometimes taking a few breaths and not overreacting is the correct path to follow .
  6. Good point Burgold, if native Americans are truly offended, and not sleazy pols like Norton and Bowser , then Maybe the name should be changed
  7. Well if time helped that weasel Ralph Northum stay in his job after the huge controversy with his pic, then maybe I can feel better that this is a stalling tactic and the name will stay as it is
  8. For him to change the name after all the legal wranglings in the Redskins trademark opposition proceeding would not make any sense.
  9. So 5 years ago , you had no clue, and given the trademark case that provided evidence that the name is not offensive to native Americans by a large margin? Spineless, that is what you are. let me guess: 5 years ago you were a Cowboys fan, right?
  10. So 5 years ago spjunkies would have had a toxic reaction to a name change , but now it is OK? He needs to change his name to wishy washy, since that is exactly what he is.
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