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  1. Stockton doesn't know what quarter it is. Lol
  2. Haskins with some garbage time stat padding, like Cousins.
  3. Fitzgerald in ninety million years old and is abusing our secondary.
  4. I think this offensive line is worse than the Steve Spurrier lines that ruined Patrick Ramsey.
  5. Giants players waving to the FedEx crowd to make some noise. Sad.
  6. Paul Richardson's Wikipedia entry needs to read this way next season: "Paul Richardson is an American football player who is currently a free agent."
  7. Whose worse, Josh Rosen or Sam Rosen? Guess we deserve worst announcers and worst officials
  8. Manusky about to put the finishing touch on this game.
  9. Typical. Jay does just enough to not get fired in the morning.
  10. 'I really wish I hated you'. What a fitting song for this game and season. And last 25 years for that matter.
  11. My wife is in here painting gourds and even she is complaining about all the flags.
  12. The lady reading the magazine in the back, LOL! My wife started knitting the last game we went to and we were getting the hell beat out of us.
  13. If Snyder will not fire himself, can't he go old school and fire Gruden and Co. outside the locker room?
  14. Time to go finish weedeating the yard. Pathetic.
  15. At least UNC beat Miami last night to salvage the weekend for me.
  16. Are the Iggles ever going to get called for a hold?
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