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  1. skins_warrior

    Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Good points. People forget that 90% of the teams in the conference championships year in and year out have a top 5 running game. Facts, not fiction folks. And the running offense sets the tone for the team, keeps your defense off the field(time of possession), and beats down the other team. well as takes the pressure off the QB, balances out the offense, and make play action much more effective. I don't mind the criticism or difference of opinion and I'm happy to provide a laugh to people, haha. I do think people are forgetting or don't recognize how important it is to have interior offensive line men that set the tone. I understand LT is a very important position. Its funny hearing how great our LT have been the past 2 decades, meanwhile its also aligned with the worst losing era in Redskins history. Start from the middle and build out is usually rule of thumb...
  2. Trent is getting paid crazy money. Who could argue forcing him to play LG wouldn’t give us a top 10 rushing offense overnight, especially now that we have Guice. We have ave plenty of options at LT. Moses, Nseke, Christian, etc If Trent really wants superbowls, and to claim Hogs 2.0, why doesn’t his arrs get to work and lead by example as a mauler that sets the tone of each offensive possession by pushing his opponent backwards and opening up gashing holes. It’s a no brainier folks.