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  1. They kind of shut down the Kirk talk thanks to that bonehead bobandweave. But you made a really good observation that I missed so I wanted to address it with you. But don't want to get a vacation from here. Hope you don't mind the PM...  So... here it is: 


    That's a good catch. Huge difference in sack yards. Part of that I believe is that Kirk is willing to sit back in the pocket and look for receivers longer. This is why when they get to him, he is deeper. It's also why he loses more fumbles as there are fewer teammates around. It's also what allows him to make plays further down field. Alex gets so nervous so early and starts jumping back to the line of scrimmage almost as soon as he drops back. So when they get to him he is closer to line (less sack yards) and more teammates around (lower lost fumbles). But he has those happy feet so bad he never gets truly set so he can drive the ball, especially on ling passes. He also will not be able to see over the line as well to see guys down field. If the D get their hands up he will not see anything not in a passing lane created by a gap between defenders. 


    Agree with the rest. 


    Guys will miss passes sometimes. Would like for him to have hit it. But not getting hung up on one missed play. My bigger issue with Alex is more consistency and being just a little more aggressive. If he could play more like he did at AZ and in the 2nd half against Tampa, we would seriously be fine. 

    1. Guardshock


      I can't say I have ever got a PM..


      Great comments. I see the happy feet too. But Sacks are SUCH killers to the game and the drive.


      I honestly do think our offense will get better with time. As DJ has gotten better with his second year in the system, I believe next year could be the breakout year for our offense.


      However, Alex takes less sacks and I honestly think he is more aware of everything going on. He may not be better at passing the ball, but I think he can bridge us the gap for a few years and teach a new young QB in a year or two how to be a QB in the NFL.

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