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  1. painting people with big smiles is a racial problem ? that's just plain dumb
  2. I read the whole thing. Its a little redundant but all in one place and very well put. Her camp has to realize they are facing an ace staff at this point and losing ground
  3. so that would make Indians stupid then if they are worried about being depicted with big teeth LOL seriously..this is ****ing stupid from all angles. There are so many indian football fans that if this were actually a problem they would have complained in the 1960s. This is because some obsessive woman who doesn't even watch sports is having a 10 year hissy fit.
  4. a cartoon indian face is not offensive and hurts no one. All indian teams should be in the same camp no matter what and stomp this stupidity
  5. Buffalo Bill and cowboys killed lots of Indians I'm guessing I'm sure a few Rams ran into a few Indians somewhere in history
  6. that Chiefs fan site is a little crass compared to this one LOL Indians is an accepted slang to save time while typing so get over it LOL Cleveland Indians
  7. oohhh the plaintiff 'URGES' the Chiefs...LOL IE; please please please let me get my way waaahhhh wahhhh oh yeah, Chief is so damn negative. just my 2 cents= I like the simple pure red the Chiefs use...oh wait, maybe that's a negative because it was in fact used to mean=war,blood,violence,energy when applied before war/warring . I would link and show pictures and stuff but I cant because the site is still messed up. I hate being handcuffed like this LOL the Redskins and Chiefs are very smart picking the uniform colors they did yellow means= intellect and determination
  8. I'm amused how Blackhorse and her allies speak as though who ever they go after (the chiefs now) should just make it easy on themselves and do what they will eventually do anyway. That's all they can do like little kids because they know they cant win anything if it goes to court. the twitter thing is unimportant because you know most people on social media just want to be trolling and negative anyway but why did that go bad when every article that allows comments is always 90% pro Redskins ? ) Germany is leading USA 1-0 in the 74th minute in heavy rain. I don't mind, my last name is
  9. seems to me... they-the anti Redskins people- haven't brought this to court because they know they would lose. So they try the round about ways by asking the league and greasing somebody's palm to halt a couple older logo's. How can something so weak be taken seriously...which it isn't it seems because the Redskins keep stamping it out. I don't know how serious to take the Cleveland Indians getting sued for more than a division or league makes lol...it made like 8 billion or around I read elsewhere. I hope the Cleveland brains are talking to the Redskins brains and getting a gamepla
  10. LOL for those looking here, the NFL network is showing Super Bowl XXII ! right now started at noon Denver- Washington REDSKINS
  11. a few posters are saying they are now Redskins fans in the comments after article read the comments below they are hilarious
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