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  1. I like this move. Rewards a player for on field production (limited as the sample size may be) and the team is no longer in desperation for a QB. Sure, if they can upgrade the position at a reasonable cost you do it (though the last QB trades seemed a bit pricey to me). At best, Heinicke continues (or surpasses) his level of a play against the Super Bowl champs, at worst he's a backup.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:


    To be fair, In Snyder's defense, it was NFL that nixed it as the leather was held on by adhesive and might come off.

    I thought it was a separate helmet from the regular burgundy helmet and the NFL had a rule about two helmets and that's why they stopped using it (could have sworn that was in an article I read). If it was just a sticker over the current helmet and the NFL was against it, then fine, I can't blame Danny for that. There's still plenty of other things that can be blamed on him.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

    Most or all of these names mean our beloved fight song is toast, or anything close to it, and maybe the band members will be all out of jobs, at least for a while.

    I'm sure a few words could be changed and the song would still work (wouldn't be the first time the song changed). Hail to the Warriors/Red Spears would probably change the least. Hail to the Redtails, hail victory, brave men in aircrafts, fight for old DC.

  4. I don't want it to be Warriors (unless the other options considered by Dan and Ron are worse). The name itself isn't bad is just too synonymous with the basketball team for me (granted I live in the Bay Area and hear that name more than others). I have a similar problem going back to Braves, I associate that name with the baseball team. I'd like whatever the new name is to be something unique and distinctive while still intimidating and cool. I'd also like to avoid any political names (Monuments, Senators, etc) or anything that would force a color change (I assume any extremely patriotic name would require red, white, and blue unis). And lastly, having the new name start with an R would be nice. If we can't keep Redskins, at least keep HTTR.

  5. Ok, so looking into it a bit more, I think Red Wolves (or Redwolves) fits as a solution to honoring the military and Native Americans.

    Military connection:

    Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 (HSC-84) "Red Wolves" was a helicopter squadron of the United States Navy Reserve. Along with the "Firehawks" of HSC-85 , the “Red Wolves” were one of only two squadrons in the U.S. Navy dedicated to supporting Navy SEAL and SWCC Teams, and Combat Search & Rescue .

    Native ties:

    Wolves figure prominently in the mythology of nearly every Native American tribe. In most Native cultures, Wolf is considered a medicine being associated with courage, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting.


    Plus with Pepsi threatening to pull sponsorship, that leaves the door open for a new drink. 


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  6. 36 minutes ago, SumTingWong said:


    That actually works! 


    Fred earned a purple heart during the second world war and perhaps he had Native American blood going back a few generations.






    According to Wikipedia, he did have Native American blood:

    Foxx was born John Elroy Sanford on December 9, 1922 in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Chicago's South Side. His father, Fred Sanford, an electrician and auto mechanic from Hickman, Kentucky, left the family when Foxx was four years old. He was raised by his half-Seminole mother, Mary Hughes, from Ellisville, Mississippi, his grandmother and his minister.

  7. They want something paying tribute to Native Americans and the military:


    • AH-64 Apache attack helicopter
    • UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopter
    • UH-72 Lakota utility helicopter
    • CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift transport helicopter
    • OH-58 Kiowa observation helicopter, which the Army is considering retiring them
    • OH-6 Cayuse observation helicopter
    • TH-67 Creek trainer helicopter—the Army may retire them, too
    • C-12 Huron transport aircraft
    • RU-21 Ute electronic intelligence aircraft, a variant of the C-12
    • BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile

    • UH-1 Iroquois utility helicopter, retired in 2011
    • H-34 Choctaw transport helicopter, left service in early 1970s
    • RU-8 Seminole utility aircraft, 1992
    • H-21 Shawnee transport helicopter, 1967
    • OV-1 Mohawk twin-engine observation aircraft, 1996
    • T-41 Mescalero trainer aircraft, no longer in the Army but still flying for the Air Force

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Burgundy Yoda said:

    A "Viking" doesn't exist anymore lol. Unless you think there are Scandinavians sailing on boats still pillaging European villages. It's just safer to name your team after a group of people that are currently dead, doesn't exist anymore, or you can't really point the finger at (like a Raider). 

    I'm saying some people might go to the extreme with this. Found this from an article on if people found the term Viking offensive: 

    "First of all, the Vikings were the first group of Europeans to attempt to reach and settle the New World. That effort would culminate, centuries later, in the journeys of Columbus and the subsequent extermination of Native Americans. Second, the Vikings symbol is an inaccurate depiction of the people of Minnesota, who are quite diverse–only about one-third are Scandinavian. Furthermore, “Viking” is also a stereotype of Minnesota’s Scandinavians, not all of whom are descended from Vikings, and few of whom are warlike plunderers with primitive weapons."

    It's a dumb argument that might not have anything to back it up, but will live in a society now where that appears to be irrelevant and as long as enough people complain loudly enough.

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  9. The Skins are just the tip of the spear (pardon the pun). Once they are forced to change, KC will be next as the argument will be made that appropriating the culture into fandom with the feathers and chop is also too offensive. Cleveland Indians and Chicago Blackhawks will go the same route as the Chiefs. Then who knows how far this thing will go. Will the Vikings be deemed offensive by enough Scandinavian people to bring about a debate? Will Notre Dame Fighting Irish piss off the wrong person? Will the Giants be forced to change because it offends people with acromegaly? Will the PETA people rise up and demand any team with an animal mascot change?


    Or people could just grow up and realize that teams are named after people/things that are admired.  

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