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  1. I like the color scheme. I am not too crazy about the feather on the helmet or the socks.
  2. I think a uniform change and re-branding would be the way to go. I love the Redskins name and logo but they aren't exactly PC. If we went back to a variation of the Spear Logo and went by the Skins. That would probably keep the PC police happy.
  3. I wish we declined the awful Nike Flywire collar. Our white jerseys look terrible with that neck role look.
  4. Has anyone heard of new uniforms and a re-branding of the team for the RGIII era. Kind of like what the Falcons did for the Vick era. Markthehomer is a VP at Nike and usually has the inside track on these things.
  5. My personal opinion. Stick with Gibbs era white on burgundy all the time or its time to re-brand the team with new uniforms for the RGIII era. We have been losers in all combinations since 1991
  6. I have seen a replica of the helmet at the Redskins store. They are awesome. I really wish I was a baller. Those things retail for like 700 bucks.
  7. LOL all that yellow can be confusing. I hope we wear our throwbacks or our burgundy jerseys.
  8. From what I understand burgundy pants are out this year. White on white may be the way to go.
  9. Does anyone have one of those wonderful linx?
  10. Personally I prefer the classic Gibbs era Redskins wearing white on burgundy all the time. I just wish we kept the 70th or 75th as our alternate. I am not a huge fan of the 80th throwback since we already used them in 94
  11. I wish the Redskins would have declined like the Packers. The collars are atrocious. I hope Nike jersey replicas don't end up selling that well so they are forced to revert to the old design. I really wish I caught a Reebok authentic before they were gone.