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  1. I like the color scheme. I am not too crazy about the feather on the helmet or the socks.
  2. I think a uniform change and re-branding would be the way to go. I love the Redskins name and logo but they aren't exactly PC. If we went back to a variation of the Spear Logo and went by the Skins. That would probably keep the PC police happy.
  3. I wish we declined the awful Nike Flywire collar. Our white jerseys look terrible with that neck role look.
  4. What teams are changing uniforms this year?
  5. Has anyone heard of new uniforms and a re-branding of the team for the RGIII era. Kind of like what the Falcons did for the Vick era. Markthehomer is a VP at Nike and usually has the inside track on these things.
  6. Redskins standard uniforms. I kind of like it.
  7. My personal opinion. Stick with Gibbs era white on burgundy all the time or its time to re-brand the team with new uniforms for the RGIII era. We have been losers in all combinations since 1991
  8. I have seen a replica of the helmet at the Redskins store. They are awesome. I really wish I was a baller. Those things retail for like 700 bucks.
  9. LOL all that yellow can be confusing. I hope we wear our throwbacks or our burgundy jerseys.
  10. From what I understand burgundy pants are out this year. White on white may be the way to go.
  11. Sizzla3000

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    muchos gracias
  12. Sizzla3000

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Does anyone have one of those wonderful linx?
  13. Personally I prefer the classic Gibbs era Redskins wearing white on burgundy all the time. I just wish we kept the 70th or 75th as our alternate. I am not a huge fan of the 80th throwback since we already used them in 94
  14. I wish the Redskins would have declined like the Packers. The collars are atrocious. I hope Nike jersey replicas don't end up selling that well so they are forced to revert to the old design. I really wish I caught a Reebok authentic before they were gone.
  15. New Flywheel collars look like crap