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  1. No sir I won’t, I promise you that, my love of the Redskins died with the name. ..I have long said if they change the name I’m done and it’s unfortunately come to that...This whole situation of the PC culture is out of control...I hate it but I’m done
  2. My life long love of the NFL will die with the Redskins name...I’ve lived and died with the the Redskins, mostly died, but I’ve always loved watching them and singing Hail to the Redskins...I’m heartbroken after all these years that what was a great franchise name, a respectful name, has given in and The organization has decided to change the name....Sean Taylor and maaaany other great REDSKINS are turning in their grave at this...my lifelong love for the Redskins and NFL football died with the Redskins name and logo.......I’ll never watch another snap
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