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  1. Being my favorite player is Jason Witten, I'd lean toward "no" on that question. I can like a franchise, but not ALL of its players. You won;t catch me with an 81 or 21 on my chest.
  2. Very Mature thread. Wouldnt expect any less if my ass was as sore as the rest of you. For crap's sakes, you are ripping on a team that is FIGHTING just to make the playoffs! Every team has stupid fans...I live in Redskins country and believe me, they are HORRIBLE to listen to. Redskins radio is some of the worst, most biased crap in the history of broadcasting. The local papers are STILL trying to make Jason Campbell out to be going through "growing pains". And I still have to read how bad "Tony Romo sucks because he throws INTs!!". Lame. If Jason Campbell threw up 300+ yards and 3 TDs to 1 Int most games, Redskins Nation would be declaring him the greatest QB in the NFL for the last 20 years! Sonny and Sam would have heart attacks and spill their whiskey they obviously hit on while doing their "radio broadcast" just watching the ball get thrown over 7 yards more than twice a game. As for the Eagles fans? Do we really need to say anything? McNabb has shown he has no heart and Andy Reid has too many personal issues to coach effectively. They still have the ability to pull out a good game here and there, but for the most part...DONE. Bottom Line....You guys will always have to deal with the Cowboys. They are the heroes of the NFL, riding into town in their white and blue...the big Star on their helmets reminding everyone that the big time has come to their stadium. The hole is there...God watches his team play. And the rest of the NFL can't stand them for it!