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  1. Don't forget the BILLS. Vomit. I'd like to go back to the darker burgundy and the golder gold. I would've liked our Lombardi throwbacks if the colors didn't make us look like Ronald McDonald out there. Also, the fact that he designed them to look like the Packers' uniforms is a little annoying. I think we should keep our current helmet and just tweak the stripes and colors a little for the jerseys and pants. Burgundy over gold at home, white over burgundy on the road, with Sean Taylor stripes on the socks. PS: Why is this thread constantly on the front pa-- oh, right. It's the off-seas
  2. MERGE x100 http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=180675 My dream is finally coming true.
  3. nice find. that actually doesn't look as bad as i thought it would. not saying i'd like to see it, but it doesn't make me want to vomit at least. and i feel obligated to say this every time i post in this thread: the burgundy/gold combo from the '70s is still the best by far, though i have to say i don't like the white/gold. i'd like to keep the burgundy pants with the white tops and just introduce gold pants to go with the burgundy tops. changing the stripes back to the old style would be cool in my book too. white on white sucks, and black on anything sucks more.
  4. ahahahah shouldn't it be "Merged (x90)" now? i have been waiting for that day to come. x100 shouldn't be long now...
  5. I want to see more gold in our unis, but not gold on gold -- we're not the Lakers. The George Allen era burgundy on gold was great, with the darker burgundy and less mustardy gold. I think we should do something more like that for the few road games where we don't wear white. But I think we should stick with white on burgundy at home. I just like the white jerseys. But please no white on white ever again.
  6. I'm not sure how I feel about not wearing white at home. On the one hand, I agree it's a Joe Gibbs thing, but on the other hand, we just don't look right in the burgandy tops with white bottoms. If we don't wear white at home, I'd be in favor of the '60s/70's color scheme for our "dark" uniform. I really like our "light" uniform. The only change I'd agree to make would be to introduce Sean Taylor Stripes. I can't get enough of those!
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