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  1. and trust me when i say very few people like eli on the giants either
  2. im just saying u can find other pictures of him theres plenty that would fit much better. im not in his defence either im just saying campell isnt payton. and i no eli isnt either.
  3. wat. texting.i have no ide wat ur talking about. my computer somtimes delets letters and adds others. sometimes it swithches them around
  4. some of these r so fake that just wow. it takes all the funny out of it u gatta get a better pic
  5. what r u talking about i have like 2 posts.and the one ur reffering too was the first
  6. o no u got it wrong im only here too see wats up and my computer is messed up realy bad. most errors r because of that
  7. im a natural bad speller has nothing too do with the redskin fact.
  8. its not like cammpell is the best out there im nly here cause ther r redskins messin up our bords
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