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  1. YEEAAAHHHH!!!!!! I love your idea!:notworthy :notworthy :applause: :applause: :cheers:
  2. The helmets would be allright for one game, but the whole season. I don't know
  3. I'm one who normally goes along with the rest, but can we try something new. Something in the area of all burgandy uni's. My:2cents:
  4. I was finishing up my reply when you put the burgandy on burgundy pic up. Looks awesome. I wish the front office and coaching staff can see this. I feel something in this team and maybe a fresh look might be A good change.:2cents:
  5. If someone can put it together on how it would look with burgandy on burgandy. I still like the white jersey with burgandy pants. Consider me 80's look Redskin.:2cents: