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  1. Not thrilled with this pick. Sure the guy is a good athlete but he was not rated in the top 20 or even the top 40. Why do we need a project at 19? How many O linemen did we pass on to get him? Every team that needed a QB got one except us. I'm confused.
  2. I like Fitz a lot but you guys act like we just signed Arron Rodgers for Christs sake. Fitz has been in the league 17 years and he has never been to the playoffs. I think he has a loosing record as a QB but I am not sure. Yes I like the signing if it saves us money over Smith who I was never crazy about and I think he is just as good but do you really think he is beating Brady in the playoffs? Fine he is a stop gap until we get a franchise guy but all the excitement?
  3. No way am I paying BS 15 mil a year. I was against the pick when it was made as I checked the draft from the last 10 years and there were no guards drafted that high before. Guy should have been picked around 13 to 17 not 5. Knew he was gonna hold us up when his rook contract expired using the "I was the 5th pick in the draft and now I want to be paid like it" excuse. Left tackles yes and they are worth it as they are protecting the QB but not guards. BS wants what Big Ben just signed for? Are you kidding me. He is hurt too often and personally I do not think he is the best guard in the confer
  4. Fine, keep your two 2 DTs and watch as teams like Tampa run through them and stone them on their pass rush and watch them hold you up for big money in a year or two. Our D line is good but it ain't the Fearsome Foursome. Keep going through seasons where you start 3 QBs and maybe get in a lucky wild card game because the rest of the division stinks and you get blown out first round. Try a reboot like Mariota or Darnold and waste another season watching mediocrity. Cheers.
  5. Watson is the 4th best QB in the league and he is young. You can get replacement linemen in FA all the time but a QB like Watson only becomes available once every 10 - 12 years. Look at Tampa. They got guys on their D line that were trades or FA. We can get guys like that too. Is Sweat or Payne worth a QB that can win you a championship or do you want to spent the next 5 seasons struggling with the QB carousel you have been watching the last 10 years.
  6. Agree. If Carr was good the Raiders would want to keep him. Gruden did not like him the minute he started coaching and he wants someone better. Ya I would take him for a 2 tops.
  7. You have to give quality in order to get quality. Rebuilding teams want good young guys that are not making a lot of money. To me Payne is worth more in trade because he has one more year than Allen on his rook deal. Yes you may damage a part of your team for a while but you will be fixing the starting QB problem we have had for ever for the next 10 years if you get Watson. To me it's a no brainer. Why should the Raiders have the upper hand in the Watson saga? We have players and draft choices to trade same as them. By the way, what will Mariota cost us?
  8. Do you really want to pay Dak 40mil for years to come? I say let him milk Dallas dry.
  9. Just don't see the Jets giving up the farm for Watson. They have a young QB now and they have the 2nd pick. They could trade that pick for at least 2 #1s plus and build their team. Watson is not putting them in the SB. They can pick one of the top college QB with that pick and move Darnold if they want for more pics. Don't see Miami giving up the farm either. Are they going to give up on Tua after playing him a half a year? He proved his injury did not hurt him. Texans said they do not want Watson in their conference. We have a good shot. 2 #1s and Payne. Take it or leave it. Texans want good
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