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  1. 50yrSKINSfan

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    In case some of you missed it, Steve Smith said Jay is trying to get fired and can't wait to join his bro in Oakland. Hope he is right, can't take any more of him. Cheers all.
  2. 50yrSKINSfan

    Where do you think Jay Gruden and Greg Manusky rank?

    Same way I feel. From the start I never thought Jay was a championship coach. Seems like when you were in school and you were a nerd and you started dating the hottest babe in the school and you knew you were overmatched but you were going to milk it for all it was worth. Jay is overmatched and he is milking it for all it is worth as he knows like we know that he is not a big time NFL head coach but he keeps getting paid so he hangs on. GHA used to say that the talent is not much different from team to team, it is the coaching that makes the difference. Cheers.
  3. 50yrSKINSfan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Right on. Every person in the know is saying Rosen is worth a 3 and pos a late 2. No way is anyone giving up a 1 for him. Word in NY talk shows are that the Giants are after him but only for a 3. Would we be interested in him just after picking up a vet QB?
  4. Stop it, you are paying a box safety shut down corner money when you are strapped and you are going to say the Giants brass does not know what THEY are doing? LC wanted 11mil from the Giants and they let him walk and we threw 14 on him. Guess you think Andy R does not know what he is doing either. On the other side if you get the guy from 3-4 years ago then maybe it is not that bad but he has had injury prob the last 2 years and he was not playing up to his first 2 years ability. Time will tell but right now, IMO we overpaid for a flawed player.
  5. It is the Giants opinion to let him walk. Don't you think they know more about him than BA after having him on their team for 3 years when he was injured in 2 of those years and did not finish the season. He is a flawed player and that is from the Giant brass.
  6. Only problem is that Collins is not a blue chip player. He cannot cover to save his ass. Last year the nats asked him to cover and he got destroyed, eaten alive, plus he got hurt the last 2 years. Way way too much money. BA still showing us how much of a dumb ass he is. We had little FA money and he blows it on a one dimensional safety when the market is flooded. Now if the Skins have some plan that the rest of the league does not have then fine but everyone in the know in the NY area that has watched LC play the last 2 years is laughing at this move. Cheers. Hope you still feel the same in about 10 months. Cheers.
  7. 50yrSKINSfan

    The Cult of Case

    Just wondering are we trying to lower our cap by getting Keenum and then cutting Colt?
  8. My thoughts are that L Collins is a box safety and if you play that kind of D then fine, get him but do not expect him to cover and not at big money. He has a good rep in the locker room but he has been hurt the last 2 years and the rep around NY is that he is reclining.
  9. Hope it is not us. I would not take either of the Steelers WR or RB even if they paid me. Raiders, please take him and L Collins.
  10. You do not want Collins for big money. He is good at the LOS but he sucks at coverage. Ask yourself, why would the nats let a Pro bowl player walk. Cheers
  11. Hi all. You DO NOT WANT L Collins at big money. He CANNOT cover to save his a-s. He can't cover backs or tight ends. He is good at the los but other than that he is a waste. Do you think the nats are letting him go because he is great? Add the fact he has been on IR the last 2 yrs and has not finished both seasons.
  12. 50yrSKINSfan

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Just curious, heard on tv that goat Brady threw the ball 90 times in the 2 playoff games and he had zero sacks and 3 hurries out of 90 attempts. That is 5 linemen blocking 450 times without a sack or holding call by line not made up of all pros but by average drafted players against a team that led the league in sacks. Think the Pats are just lucky or did the refs overlook some holding calls?
  13. 50yrSKINSfan

    Terminate Manusky

    Dick LeBeau HOF
  14. Who does that? A lot of teams have done that. One that comes to mind is the beloved Dallas Cowboys. Jerry purposely flew in fat Bill Parcells before the season was over and fatboy had to come to a meeting to get the HC job while the existing coach was still in the building. Think it was Wade if I remember. Fat Bill loved doing stuff like this.