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  1. Yes Tampa is loaded which reminds me, how come Antonio Brown is allowed to play in the NFL? Didn't some woman accuse him of rape? Oh well, not important, Tom wants him on his team so it is OK. What about Guice? Can he ever get a second chance?
  2. Agree big time. 5 O linemen, 75 plays and not one holding call. Our D line should have been pressuring Brady all night. Now the Rams, they have a D line. How do you address them, don't pay them as elite until they show it. Let them walk in FA if they want and replace them one at a time in the draft.
  3. The NFL is filled with real good left tackles. It is a priority for every team. You are not going up against a guy from Miami of Ohio or the university of Cincinnati anymore. You are up against the best and their main job is to stone you and they get paid real good when they can do it so they work hard at it. Left tackles in the NFL are monsters these days. A must in this pitch and catch league.
  4. Agree. This is what I saw in his last few college games against decent tackles. He has a strong straight ahead bull rush but it is hard to overpower a guy who is 50 lbs heavier and who is training constantly to push a pass rusher outside and behind the pocket. Easier for the tackle if the pass rusher wants to go outside all the time by himself. One trick pony. Saw this many times. Happens when a guy who can overpower everyone when he is growing up so he does not have to develope correct technique as he can dominate with his natural strength. Problem happens when he gets to big time college and
  5. Talk about O line holding in the Eagle game, did anyone else see the Eagle guy with the big hair wrap his arms around Payne from behind and lift him up and turn him on the 4th and goal incomplete pass into the end zone? No call of course. How come there was no call of hitting a defenceless player when the Eagle DB intercepted that pass and hit helmet to helmet in the process? Just hoping for a fair called game when you go up against the NFL's favorite son, Tom Terrific.
  6. When Hurts left the game I thought he got hurt because the play righ before he left CY tacked him from behind and rolled up on his legs if I am not mistaken. Bet that had a little to do with the situation. Hurts has no game if he is hobbled and can't run.
  7. Not true. We all saw how Tom terrific folds like a cheap suit against the Giant pass rush in the two SB he lost to them and I think our front 4 is just as good if not better than the Giant front that beat Brady in both those SBs. Key is getting home fast. Tom needs to step up to throw so pressure in his face is a priority. If you let him just stand there and lob up those ducks then he will cut you up but pressure him and he looks average at best. He is not mobile but he has good pocket movement. I am not sure how good his O line is but if our guys are on their game I think we can hold them dow
  8. I heard on the radio that Smith is under contract next 2 years but the money is no longer guaranteed. My understanding is that we can cut him and not owe him any money and there is no cap hit. Is what I heard true? Thanks, HNY.
  9. How can a guy play for a top of the country division 1 school like Ohio state, throw 50 TD passes in one season and then all of a sudden can't play. Boggles my mind.
  10. I don't hate Cousins. He played the market and by the time he is done he will have made 200mil. out of what, a 5th round draft choice. He worked hard behind RG3 and learned his trade and when the time came he moved. The Skins screwed the deal up when they had the chance to sign him cheap and they didn't so his price went up the more he played and by then it was too late. I just lost respect when he threw that int against the Giants costing us the playoffs and had the balls to ask for 20mil plus a year and a long term deal. Hate, no.
  11. So you are saying we would be better off if Cousins was playing Sunday against the birds than Smith?
  12. We should have paid Kirk the amount he first asked for at the end of his rook contract but we balked so then he started playing full time and he wanted big bucks. Remember he threw a int against the Giants costing us a playoff then had the balls to go into the office and ask for $20 plus mil I think. He has The best post.
  13. Do we still have to pay him? Thought rookie contracts are not guaranteed.
  14. Smith beats Philly to win the division. He then beats Wilson and Seattle. He then outdewles Brady and we go to the super bowl where he blows away Andy Reid and Mahomes and is the MVP and Chiefs fans are sorry they traded him.
  15. Please a link that works. We had good links last 2 weeks now just strange adds for off shore lawyers.
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