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  1. The things I said were my OPINIONS that were formed from working and living in Ocean County NJ. for almost 50 years. There is no right or wrong, just someone's opinion, no stats for that. Oh and by the way, guys that work on RE know prices of homes in their area as we are always looking for a house to buy and fix and turn over. Hard to do in my area as the margins are slim as most of the time you just make your wages after all the work and buying and selling. I do not need to look up stats when I see homes sell in my neighborhood within a week of seeing the sign get posted on the lawn when I have lived here and keep abreast of sales for almost 50years. Habit when you and your wife are in RE. Have friends working and managing real estate offices and we talk about sales all the time. Thought of getting my RE license and selling for something to do but I am retired and and lazy now. Just like puttering around and keeping my own crap working. Boats, MCs, family's houses etc. We spend half our time in Florida where I have some property and I have seen a lot more building in the last 2 years than I have seen in the 8 years before that. Again, my opinion and just in area around No Hutchinson Island so don't bother with the Vero Beach stats. Pointing out a stat for how crime has increased in AC means little as the areas around the casinos are secure and that is where everyone goes. Like saying the crime in the Bronx is bad so stay out of Manhatten.
  2. Do not have a twitter account. Do not care about AOC or Queens or NYC. Just think they should have thought more before letting that many jobs slip away.
  3. Did I offend you or something like spit on your driveway. You seem to be spending the whole day trying to find fault with my posts even questioning the way I made a living. By the way, I do not care about real estate data from the whole country. It does not affect me as I am not moving to the west coast so save your stats. It has nothing to do with the Amazon NYC deal and that was what bothered me about the AOC vote. Then for some strange reason you try to link me to a political party when I stated I have no affiliation and I rarely vote on top of it as I do not care about politicians as I think they are mostly dirt bags, not woth my time. Me and my wife have spent over 30 years involved in real estate in Ocean County, mostly on LBI as that is where she worked. You never asked me if I had any rental property and I do not see why that would have anything to do with my original post stating that I felt AOC was wrong when she voted against the Amazon NYC deal. Just my opinion, sorry if it offends you. I do not care if AOC voted down the deal and I do not care about NYC, I just feel sorry for all the work that flew out the window and for the families that could have benefited from it. Guess I should not have a opinion as a non NYC resident.
  4. First she does not threaten me and my only gripe is that she may be too young to have the power to vote down a deal like the Amazon NYC deal. Like every politician she has some good ideas and some not so good. Personally I do not care about her or NYC. I live in NJ so whatever she does does not affect me. I do feel sorry for the job loss but if that is what they wanted then it will be good for the next town that gets the deal.
  5. AC was a in a downturn 50 years ago that is why they wanted casinos to come in and revitalize the city. The area going west from the casinos to the convention center and all the retail shop area in between is in pretty nice shape. Don't have any reason to travel north from the casino area so I am not sure what it is like but go south from the casinos and there are some real nice neighborhoods. Did some work on the high rises on the boardwalk and they are cool. Nice views of the casinos and ocean. Ventnor is pretty nice too.
  6. Wife worked in real estate sales office. I was a contractor working on real estate. Still sound disingenuous? You may be right about homes all over the country selling fast, about that I have no knowledge. I am talking about homes in my area where I have lived and worked for almost 50 years. Never saw sales this fast that I recall. Try the Bronx or Camden.
  7. I would't want to raise a fam on the boardwalk but been on it a mil times, daytime of course and never had any problems. Of course the parts we stay on are around the casinos. No reason to go anywhere else. Yes parts of AC are still bad but they most of the town is a hell of a lot better than it was before gambling.
  8. Next door neighbor put her house up for sale sold in 5 days to a couple from NYC. Son sold his home down the street to a fam from Long Island, close to the city. Had 3 offers 2 more than asking price. Been working in real estate for 30 years and never saw selling this fast.
  9. You do knot known anything about AC. You went there a few times to play cards and you stayed in a casino. 50 years ago the whole city was turning into a dump compared to what it was 75 years ago when people used to come from all over to go there. The whole city was a dump not just parts away from the casinos. The casinos made parts of it better along with some retail shops, restaurants and the convention center. South of AC is Ventnor. Big money homes close to the water. Many people that work in AC have bought homes there, not by the water of course, but closer to the bay and they did a lot of renovating and fixing up. Made the town better imo. Did a lot of work there. Do not think this would have happened if there were no casinos. Think AC would look more like Paterson if there were no casinos. AC is not that big and everyone stays by the casinos and boardwalk and I do not think there is much crime in that area. Heavy security. You Drive your car into a casino parking garage and you stay in that casino and maybe go to the boardwalk or to a restaurant on the boards.
  10. Same story with lots of cities in the NYC area. It would be worse if there were no casinos. My daughter has a expensive brownstone in Philly, easily worth a mill, a few blocks from the liberty bell and she cannot get anything delivered to her home as it is stolen from her front porch. Homeless sleeping down the street buy Jefferson hospital that was also ransacked in the last peaceful demonstration. Her husband has the place as he worked at Jefferson. Want them to gtfo and stay in Jersey.
  11. That changes my mind if Bloomberg thought it was a bad idea. Like I said, some people liked it some didn't. Never said Queens was a dump. Never took a tour. Don't have a opinion on living conditions. Whent to Shea and the airport a few times. I know most of the Bronx is a combat zone. Think they are doing a lot of building in Brooklyn. Last time I was in Manhatten I was amazed by the number of large cranes being used to create more high rise apartments. Saw same thing in Rome and London. That was a few years ago. Now people are leaving in droves from NYC. High taxes and crime. Talking AC as I have had experience with the town. Only thing I can say is that big time companies don't throw a dart to map when making decisions. They do studies etc so there must be some reason why they wanted to build there. I assume Amazon can go wherever it wants as all big companies can so why pick Queens? Again, Imho NYC is in financial trouble and I would think the people that are in charge would do a study to find out if inviting a company like Amazon would be a plus or minus that is all. Living the decision up to a few politicians seems crazy to me but I have seen stranger things. AOC made a decision and she has to live with it. Not my problem, it is Deblazios. I was a contractor. I like to see building. Like I said I wish Amazon or some company like them would come to my town. My homes value would increase and I would be out of here. I would think the same thing would have happened in Queens but we will never know will we.
  12. If I remember there were hundreds of people living in dumpy conditions in AC that did not want the casinos to come to AC as they were going to be displaced. If it was left to them then AC would have continued the downward spiral like many cities in NJ including my hometown of Paterson. Very few of us like change. The deal went to a vote and the casinos won and I think it was a statewide vote not a vote left up to a handful of politicians. I remember voting for it and my wife voted against it on the grounds that gambling is wrong. I remember seeing a article about some guy who had nothing and he felt like a looser and he said that he got a decent job for the first time in his life working at the casino as a chef. He said he is buying his first home that he would never have had and for the first time his family can finally live like decent people. For every person that has a negative feeling when it comes to change there is another that has a positive. I am sure the town that gets the new Amazon deal will welcome it with open arms. Wish the deal would come to my town. As far as AOC I can see how someone like her would like to save the world but sometime you have to put up with some pain to make things better in the long run and her idea of saving may not be what the next guys view of saving is. There is a lot to be said for life experience that imo AOC does not have and that is another thing you have to consider when voting. Putting her on a pedestal, not me. I do not care what she does and I do not care about NYC and it's fiscal problems. As far as AC, the overbuilding of casinos, greedy politicians giving out more casino building permits than they should, and giving gambling licenses to native tribes are taking a toll but I have some friends who have made a damn good living working at the casinos for their entire lives. They would never have those jobs if there were no casinos just like the people that will never have a job in Queens for Amazon. In the past I got some remodeling work in the high rise buildings on the boardwalk just a little south of AC that I would never have received if the city remained as it was before the casinos.
  13. I am not a fan of most politicians in general. I feel most are out for themselves before anyone. Guess we all have some of that. I do not vote all the time unless I like the candidate. If I do not like them I do not vote. I wanted to vote for Jill Stein last election for reasons not related to politics but did not get the chance as I was out of the country plus my wife would think I was nuts. You can twist the AOC Amazon deal anyway you want as we only have what she or the media said but please don't tell me she made the right decision for NYC when the governor and mayor said NYC needed the deal. NYC is going to come looking for a bailout and they will want you to help pay the bill so they need all the help they can get and to me loosing 25000 jobs is not a good way to help pay their way out of bankruptcy. Sure it is better to have all the employees live in NYC but remember, you pay city, state and federal taxes when you work in NYC weather you are a resident or not. You like her so you think she is trying to save a bunch of middle class residents their homes. How nobel. Ever occur to you that she had other reasons and she is just using the "let me help my constitunts" line to save her butt. If she was so wonderful how come it came out she would not take the subway to work even though there was a station across from where she lived. She took a limo instead, but she wants to save the planet. I have nothing against her personally as I am sure we can drag up dirt on every politician in the world but please, use some common sense when you put a politician on a pedestal.
  14. NYC has always been a welcome spot for imagrents. My grandparents came through there from Ireland and Italy. Building a plant wont't change that. I grew up in Paterson NJ and I worked in NYC in the 60s. Had a job, before FAX machines, where I reported to the Paterson news paper. They gave me a round trip bus ticket to NYC and a list of all the customers that were going to advertise in the paper that day or week. After getting off the bus at Port Authority, having a few beers at the Terminal bar across the street, I would jog to all the addresses that were on that list to pick up the ads that were scheduled to run in the paper so I was pretty familiar with Manhatten. Far as Queens just went to some Jet and Met games there but there are lots of small neighborhoods in NYC like little Italy and Chinatown. Want a experience, ride a mc through Manhatten at rush hour. Moved to South Jersey in 74 and only went to a few Yankee games in the 70s. Went back to NYC this past year to a Yankees game and I could not believe how the city has deterioted in the last 50 years. With all the regulations and BS hapining in NYC the past decade I could not believe a company like Amazon would want to locate there as they can pretty much go anyplace they want. Like I said, ask Cumo and Deblazio if they liked her decision. I could care less but I do feel for the people that could have worked there. You can think what you want. I did not vote in the last election as I did not like either candidate and we were on vacation in Paris. Beautiful city, puts NYC to shame.
  15. No, really I am. I voted for Ross Perot and Jimmy Carter the first time. Have no love for the Bushes. Would have voted for Mondale if he was up against anyone but Reagan. Was not crazy about Obama but I did like how he got lower income families health care.