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  1. I like the spear throwback. As I have stated to peoples dismay, I like the 75th anniv. throwback w. no logo on the helmet.
  2. If youre referring to my 94 uniform, thats how they looked... I provided a link a few spots up to a real pic. I always loved them. Hey, thats what makes us all different, right?
  3. I doodled around on PShop at work... It looks fantastic! Back to 94 please!
  4. Im a big fan of any throwback unis... These were my fave in '94...
  5. NYskins

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    LOL. If 2-14 got us in the playoffs everyone would be psyched. Still doesnt make us a good team nor capable of beating anyone decent Yeah im pessimistic but cmon, we are watching the same team.
  6. I love the Lombardi Skins Unis. If they play like today when they wear em though... NO THANKS!