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  1. **** DALLAS, **** SAN ANTONE, **** HOUSTON, **** CORPUS CHRISTI, **** ARLINGTON, **** FT. WORTH, **** JERRAH, **** JIMMY, **** WADE, **** IRVIN, **** NEWTON **** HAMBRICK's MOTHER.
  2. **** the Mother ****ing titty sucking two-time ***** Tony Romo and his faggoty smile. **** that choke artist Marion ****ing Barber the ****ing III. He can lick my ass while I pop off on his girlfriend... that ****in Skank. **** the Cowboys forever.
  3. This must be why Clinton Portis missed practice... to get that growth removed from his foot. Oh wait, that's Mike Sellers.
  4. Hey Whodel, **** the Eagles too!
  5. New Orleans Plays: Philadelphia in N.O. and Chicago in Chicago NY Giants play: Bills in Buffalo and Patriots at home N.Orleans conference record is 6-4 Redskins is 5-5 They must lose no matter what, but if they lose Sunday, we are in if we win out.
  6. He'll be dancing like that all day.. Andre Carter.. Make money money make money money yeah.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jersey's finest.
  8. I am really ignorant.. but was he talking about the posse?
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