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  1. Ned!!! I thought you would be all over that Mann. There is a sweet Chad Morton on ebay for $120 with your name all over it.
  2. The Jock Tag on that Riggins is missing the player name next to the year. Also it should say Nostalgia co. above the Mitchell and Ness Name. The new ones also have an NFLPA logo on the jocktag.
  3. My point is you should stick to your coloring books. The newly designed uniforms look like ****. So we change our colors. What's next? Our fight song?
  4. It's called tradition and history. Iconic teams have an Iconic uniform. Changing something that has stood the test of time would be a waste. look at the teams that have recently changed (eagles, seahawks, Pat's) they all look like ****.
  5. You just named three of the most Heinous jerseys in the NFL. There is nothing worse then junking up a timeless classic with new color combos and edgy logos. If you want a jersey thats more fashion forward then go route for the seahawks. That metallic Blue Green looks like its something from a bad "all sport" commercial.
  6. Some of you guys should write for Vogue magazine. Who cares what the uniform combo is.
  7. how about instead of changing up the uniforms we change up the coaching staff. See if we cant get Cower in here to facilitate a closer roll and save this season.
  8. Wow there are 6 pages of comments dedicated to the color scheme of the redskins uniforms. Thats really not gay at all
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