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  1. So instead of being upfront and diva about it, Kirt just refuses to run the plays he doesn't like. so passive/aggressive as opposed to just aggressive.
  2. I think that Trent is getting backlash because he is forcing us to defend the incompetent front office because of his outlandish claims. If things were as he said, everyone would be so willing to attack BA, but instead we have to defend because Trent's behavior is so off.
  3. Let's presume that Trent is correct, but would not name names. There would need to be an investigation to find who was responsible so that it wouldn't happen again. Let's otherwise presume Trent overreacted, then we need to know that too. It has nothing to do with taking the side of management, but let's not have this happen again
  4. And this shows that the system works. If the employee is right, and stayed out of work legitimately, the employee has an obligation. If he should have been back, then he is penalized. Now without the CBA and NFLPA having his back, I would agree with you, but safeguards are in place for the players.
  5. And so can any player. If their care is played for by employer via insurance, you follow the rules If you expect your employer/insurer to pay for it. If you decide to just go have surgery and miss time or expect employer to be fine with it, you will probably get an unpleasant surprise
  6. If your insurer says that you have to get clearance from us to get a second opinion, then you get clearance if you expect them to pay. If you decide that you are going to have non emergency surgery and take off work without clearing it with your employer, you may not have a job when you are cleared to return to work. It all comes down to following the rules that were agreed to on employment. My understanding is if player has questions and follows protocol, team pays for second opinion. If you don't want to follow the rules you agreed to, don't expect employer to have much sympathy
  7. A second opinion is one thing. If you immediately jump from second opinion to surgery without discussion with the folks paying, there is a great chance that they won't pay. In the case of player and team, there should be the report generated and discussed, not just the second doctor immediately going to surgery.
  8. Well, depends on what it looked like. In African-Americans, keloid formations are not uncommon, and have a tendency to recur. It might have been bandied about that Trent might want to wait until retirement to have it removed so that the chances of it recurring because of irritation by his helmet are eliminated.
  9. Having worked as a nurse in the family practice setting, and having read up a bit on DFSP, I am struck by some inconsistencies in Trent's story. We did mole removals and other minor skin procedures as needed. In African-American people, it sounds like this type of issue can easily be seen as something as minor as a keloid formation. The basic treatment for that is first, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Second, if it is a problem, see a dermatologist. If you were to have something like this, it would be reasonable to follow the first treatment, watch and see. According to the information t
  10. Are you sure that we won't have 6 losses at the end of week 5?
  11. Don't pound The MacAllen. Savor it along with the way we're playing.
  12. Another thing to consider with MRSA is that staph aureus is a normal skin flora. Surfaces still need to be routinely disinfected. Also many health care workers are colonized with it, which puts a premium on universal precautions
  13. so for the record, I have 4 rods and 18 screws holding my lumbar spine together. If you try to rush healing, and have an invasive procedure done, you are at risk for infection. There is no such thing as a "routine" surgical repair, just ask orthopedic surgeons. And also for the record, I was a paramedic and am a nurse who has worked rehab for many years
  14. Think about how the injuries occurred and you can see where infection was a huge risk. The longer a patient stays on the operating table, the greater the risk of infection. If hardware has to be implanted, the greater the risk of infection. Even the best surgeons and facilities can only reduce infection risk, but not eliminate it. If you are going to base an opinion on surgeries as complex as these, you are deluding yourself and need to have friends and advisors who are willing to steer you back to reality. If Trent is basing his opinions on these two cases, he needs someone that he trusts t
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