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  1. Gerald362

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Are you sure that we won't have 6 losses at the end of week 5?
  2. Gerald362

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Don't pound The MacAllen. Savor it along with the way we're playing.
  3. Gerald362

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Is Jay a reincarnation?
  4. Gerald362

    Hey introducing myself

    Welcome Mike. Why does it always seem that introductions here remind me of the AA meetings you see on tv?
  5. Another thing to consider with MRSA is that staph aureus is a normal skin flora. Surfaces still need to be routinely disinfected. Also many health care workers are colonized with it, which puts a premium on universal precautions
  6. so for the record, I have 4 rods and 18 screws holding my lumbar spine together. If you try to rush healing, and have an invasive procedure done, you are at risk for infection. There is no such thing as a "routine" surgical repair, just ask orthopedic surgeons. And also for the record, I was a paramedic and am a nurse who has worked rehab for many years
  7. Think about how the injuries occurred and you can see where infection was a huge risk. The longer a patient stays on the operating table, the greater the risk of infection. If hardware has to be implanted, the greater the risk of infection. Even the best surgeons and facilities can only reduce infection risk, but not eliminate it. If you are going to base an opinion on surgeries as complex as these, you are deluding yourself and need to have friends and advisors who are willing to steer you back to reality. If Trent is basing his opinions on these two cases, he needs someone that he trusts to help him understand. and as far as Colt goes, I would be willing to bet that there was a similar feeling from him as there was from RG3. Professional football players are alpha makes who never want to back down because of injury
  8. Gerald362

    Can We Just Tee It Up Now?

    You Sir, are now my hero. Anyone who perceives a vision like that should be put on a pedestal and surrounded by armed guards for their on protection
  9. Gerald362

    HapHaszard's Passing

    I am truly sorry to hear of your, and our loss. Hap was always someone you could count on for any news or info on the Redskins. I wish I had better words to express how much of a rock he was here