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  1. you mean pink and "lavar"dar no I liked lavar just wish he would have bought into the program.
  2. Good point... dont think we could do gold unless its like the gold like the rams have One thing I gotta say.. The NY Giants Blue Helmut Red Shirt and Grey pants is "Getto" that just reminds me of high school
  3. How the Mother F*** do you know? How many times has a loss come down to just not getting 1 first down or the quarterback doesnt see a defender because he was wearing green top? Maybe this is why JC didnt see the guy on Sunday and his pass went for 7 for the eagles
  4. Doesnt matter if its exciting or not... Thats what Porn is for... lol The shade of burgundy matters... I agree if the wrong shade is use it could look ugly. I think the shade needed would be from the "throw backs" NOT OUR CURRENT PANT BURGUNDY.... I didnt see the thread the other day... My reason isnt as much to have change for burgundy/burgundy but to have change because we do need a Uniform Stratedy for the time of day. If we dont get all Burgundy then fine maybe they will think about using Burgundy/White for 1:00 games and force other teams into white/white or whatever is appriate.. Whatever is best for us...
  5. I know many many fans have been calling for it.... Now is the time.. Aside from wanting it.. Do you buy into the reason why and what do you think about the color thing?
  6. I had been thinking over the last few months that something is wrong here... LOL Little did I know... I could be stupid but I think this could have a difference (little) between winning and losing. We have the following: Top/Pants Burgundy/White White/White White/Burgundy So we have 3 options.. I dont know if there are league rules on how many combinations but why not 4 and think about how easy it is to see thru the other teams colors given the time of day played. We have alot of colors out there with one common color.. Green Grass.. So shouldnt we give ourselves the best contrast with green and the glare and the opponents colors. Think back in the last few years when one of our recievers was going for pass and got the sun in his eyes ball dropped or whatever.... My point isnt that it would fix that.. But I think how the hell can the quaterback see our guys. I think it be cool to force the opponent into wearing colors that like white/white on a day that has alot glare! Mean while its easier for us to see our guys with Burgundy! I think .. Wait I know it would make some difference. So when the sun is shining and we have allot of glare going on... 1:00 games - Use Burgundy TOP or better yet.. ITS TIME FOR BURGUNDY/BURGUNDY Im not going to bother going into other times right now. Cause I think I have made the point and with Phillip Daniels comments I think we can help make the case. So STAT guys.. Can you help? Can anyone add here what the real stats are for the past few years.. lets say 2004 2005 2006 We need Time of Day and what Team Colors used and win / loss. weather would be cool too... So if all this works out we would have our burgundy/burgundy and better yet have a "Uniform Strategy" that would help us win games. Hail computerclone Quote: Phillip Watching you dominate last year was amazing... Hell of a job.. On to my questions.. Do the players or you really care what uniform colors you use? If so whats your fav? Seems to me having contrast with other team colors is best given the time of day played. Is the contrast against other teams colors being considered when choosing? Thanks for being "A WASHINGTON REDSKIN".. hope your here for along long time!" Phillip Daniels Quote: I care. Man I wish we could switch up a lot more because we get bored when you're wearing the same uniform all the time. We wore that white a long time and it kinda got boring, but I do like the scheme we're in now with the burgundy pants and the white jersey, but I wish we could go all burgundy. At least once. That's something I think we need to get our equipment staff to look at and hopefully next year we can do that.