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  1. I am not for sure, but I will bet they will. They have been selling those helmets and logos at the redskins stores like crazy. I thought even on this board someone posted that they will be doing it. So I guess just use the search function and you will be able to find out what the deal is.
  2. Unless you get it off ebay, or find it by some street vendor at fed ex, I doubt that they are going to mass produce them. You can always get a personalized jersey at or
  3. Yeah I saw the jerseys that they were referring to. I really like them. Talked to redskins store people and they said the same thing. They won't release them until the beginning of the season. Oh well, I was hoping to get a 75th anniversary patch and put it on my new Jason Campbell Premier jersey.
  4. Actually I don't agree with that observation at all. The uniform looks like a replica. I had a smoot that was a replica 70th anniversary yet the patch was sewn on. I think that they are going to have the replicas with the patch as well as the authentics.
  5. Not really a fan of the puke yellow helmet. I would rather they keep the helmet they have or even use the spear or the feather. I like the logo on the Gold helmet, but they should definitely leave the gold to notre dame.
  6. From what I understand the NFL only allows teams to wear alternate jerseys 4 games a year.
  7. Cool. I guess there will be some sort of patch to go on the uniform as well. I like those uniforms, but I also liked the 70th anniversary uniforms as well. The real problem from my perspective is I want to get those uniforms, but it sucks because you know that next year, some of these players may not be around.
  8. I agree we need a winner. It's the fans' choice to buy or not buy these items. I personally like the old throwback jerseys. The players inside the jerseys and coaches who tell them what to do are more important. The rest is just background.