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  1. Don't post much, but was just wondering why Todd Bowles receives no love form the board, Good defensive coach, ex-skin, disciplinarian, superbowl winner and knows the commitment it takes to win a superbowl. Coached under belichick, won ten games in 2015 with jets and Ryan Fitxpatrick as qb. And if you think the jets were talented check this out https://www.nj.com/jets/2018/08/ranking_jets_mike_maccagnans_2015-17_nfl_draft_pic.html.
  2. I probably haven't posted in close to ten years, just wanted to let everyone know OSU games are airing on espnu right now. And I watch a lot of college football. All I need to say about this guy is " the bigger the game the bigger he plays" and that is something I haven't been able to say in a loooooonnnnnnggggggggg time. The rest I can live with.
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