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  1. It has an effect on Dan.


    The Redskins used to be the most valuable team in the NFL. Now they are seventh. It may not seem like much, but that's just the beginning.


    The Stadium is now 20 years old. It's considered one of the worst in the league. Snyder wants a new stadium. If no one is showing up to games, how does that affect Synder's ability to land a deal for a new Stadium? The deal with Hogan for a spot near the National Harbor fell through last year, and that was before things got really ugly this season.


    "Further, numerous media reports suggested that Hogan would be risking damage to his reputation by spending political capital to help Snyder, whose tenure as owner of the Redskins has been marked by prolonged under-achievement on the field and a mediocre — and overly-expensive — fan experience at FedEx Field."


    That's from February. Imagine how it will be going forward?

    Snyder is a billionaire, and billionaires will always make more and more money no matter what they do, so that's never going to be an issue for Snyder. But there are other things he likely cares about. He's watching other owners, especially his idol Jerry Jones, creating these ridiculous monuments to themselves and he wants one too. A crappy team nobody watches or cares about will make it tougher to get that. We'll see.

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  2. The scariest part of it all is the seeming mass delusion of the populace. Through a combination of coercion, intimidation, a massive misinformation and propaganda campaign, and tight control of limited resources, they've created a society wholly dependent on a paternal leadership raised almost to a god-like status. It's like a bizarre cult nation-state. How do you break that spell?

    So kinda like Jonestown, except it's an entire country ... with nukes?

  3. Not sad to see Kim Jong il, the brutal dictator, go. But it does upset me that we lost the greatest golfer the world has ever known. According to the NK gov't, the first time he ever golfed he had 11 hole in ones and came in 38 under par; and you know it is true because ALL 17 of his bodyguards verified it.

    Personally I'm more distraught that we lost the man who invented the sandwich. So simple, yet brilliant.

  4. Originally posted by Om

    At the risk of being maudlin ...

    I find it incredibly cool that the fact we have such a diverse community here--- in terms of background, sex, age, religion, race, policitcs, etc.---is really no big deal to anybody. We take for granted (most of us, at any rate) that the lines have been blurred to the point of non-existence ... and it's just no big deal. Considering how human history has been precisely the opposite of that ... it's really pretty incredible when you stop to thing about it.

    Internet communities like this one have actually become the Great Melting Pots that, until very recently, were only the stuff of academic myth.

    Can't tell you all how proud it makes me to be a part of this.


    Okay, back to the pics now. :)

    Football, bringing world peace to a stadium near you. :)

  5. Originally posted by blondy536

    Sorry guys...I'm tryin to change my username.

    When I first registered I wasn't thinking straight. I was confused about the whole "username" thing, so I put my AOL name. Stupid. Now, I want a CHANGE! :)

    PM me and I'll change it for ya.

  6. Originally posted by dchogs

    browsing thought "show yourself I," i came across one dollar's pic with his family. sad sad sad.

    Yup. :(

    It was also wierd seeing Indyskinsfan. Anyone have any idea what happened to that guy?

  7. *Rubs hands together*

    Excellent! evil.gif

    The longer JJ thinks he can hold off an implosion (that has already occured, BTW), the longer the Cowboys stink and the longer the bandwagon of obnoxious Cowboy fans stays empty. Thanks to those rings Dallas won in the pre-cap era, JJ is retaining his delusions of granduer far longer than most owners would.

    Now if only we can figure out a way to beat those guys ...


    Hail to the Redskins!

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