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  1. I feel like you sign him to a long term deal and draft some good defensive guys. Getting top notch talent in the draft is the only way you have a great team cheap. We can afford him for the next 4-5 years providing we have a good draft on defense.
  2. Maybe I'm in the minority but since I found out he REQUESTED a trade, I'm glad he's gone.
  3. Just saw this as well. I believe it's a good indicator as any that we want to keep coach and QB(Cousins) together and keep that continuity great teams have.
  4. Forrest Lamp first pick if he's there. I could play RB then.
  5. I hope they can reach a deal before then. That way we can know where we stand cap wise for anyone we want to bring in and sign.
  6. Former Redskins official...Mike Shannahan? Wouldn't surprise me. But if he doesn't want to be here, I don't want him here regardless of how good he is or isn't. With that being said I think he does want to be here cause he knows we can win and he wants to stay in this system like Brady or Brees has done.
  7. Not sure about Kirk either. Defense finally holds a team to 13 points and we still can't get a win at home that we need that is not on Monday Night.
  8. I would just like to ask how does it feel to live in a state where we have our own team but it's still Redskin country? Cam just though Vonn Miller was on his ass in the super bowl, wait til Kerrigan smashes him and strips the ball. Norman is the least of the Panthers worries cause they will never get a pass off for him to defend. And Ron Rivera looks like he doesn't know what he's watching on the field, just lost. Redskins 72 Panthers -3(Gano wishes he still plays for us and kicks a field goal the wrong way) HTTR
  9. I feel like If we can score early and keep them in obvious passing situations that we will have a good chance to win. I think we can play that 4 minute ball control game with R. Kelly in there.
  10. I think we will try the church lot. That's off arena drive? I have been up to several games and stayed the night after the game or not had to work the next day but I have to go in tomorrow so I was just trying to stream line the process.
  11. Guys we are up from southern NC to watch us kill the Browns. Wondering what would be the best cash lot for an easy exit to 495/95 south seeing as we are trying to drive home 6 hours after the game?
  12. That is actually Devin Thomas. Equally as dissapointing as Comb was.
  13. I'm not sure if this symbolic to us as a fan base but I feel my fanself wanting to jump off a bridge after some of these games. Makes me want to believe last year was just a gift and that we took advantage of a weak division and we are still on tract for GMSM's long term plan. That's how I talk my fanself off the ledge.
  14. I agree. We need some more depth on the D overall because it seemed to me we got winded pretty easily once GB started running a lot. I really think we need a game changing player at ILB.
  15. I watched that interview and thought that was awesome to mention that after a huge performance for the win. Fitz seems like a great guy.