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  1. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    For anyone who missed it, great FedEx Field info in this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/wp/2015/04/16/fans-pepper-redskins-officials-with-comments-during-productive-forum/
  2. Season Ticket Renewals

    Great post S&S. Posts like this are what keep me coming back to ES to gain insight from STH's that are as passionate as I am. I have two seats in 236 Row 4 and would love to do a straight upgrade to the two in front of you, S&S but unfortunately it is never that simple with this ticket office. I am torn between wanting to move closer down to the action and wanting to keep my current sight-lines (which I think are the best in the entire stadium) and the fact that the fans in front of me remain seated for the majority of the game unlike the 100 level sideline sections. I also want to remain in my current price tier which I believe is the lowest for non-obstructed view seats in the lower level.
  3. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    I'm guessing you don't attend many NFL games in person. The frequency and length of the TV timeouts has become borderline unbearable. You don't notice it as much watching on TV because you can easily flip over to the RedZone channel or another televised game when the Skins go to commercial, but in person there is an incredible amount of down time. The team does treat the fans in stadium with "fan cam" segments and blaringly loud Papa John's commercials on the jumbotron during these breaks but the lengthy lulls in the action are very noticeable. Personally, I don't bring any internet-enabled devices into the stadium as I prefer to converse with my family and friends during these timeouts. However, due to their frequency and length, I would not begrudge a person who might want to check their email, fantasy team, or check twitter to see what the Skins beat writers are saying about the game during these long breaks in the action. FWIW my friend mentioned that he was able to pick up the public WiFi in the stadium yesterday but he said it was very slow and kept going in and out.
  4. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    I am bumping this thread so we can all help Mark get it updated for the 2013 season. This is by far the best and most useful thread on ES.
  5. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    I think a ticket price hike is guaranteed since the Redskins have gone since 2005 without raising them. The Capitals raised their ticket prices every year from 2008 to 2011 as a result of their regular season success. I expect the Skins to follow suit.
  6. Official Cash Lot Parking Thread (merged)

    I would be extremely surprised to find cash parking for under $40 within a mile of the stadium for the Dallas game. The operators vary their price based on supply and demand (you could find several relatively close lots for $20-$25 when the team was bad in '09 and '10).
  7. Official Cash Lot Parking Thread (merged)

    This is true about the ease of entry/exit into the metro lots, but keep in mind that all tailgating is strictly prohibited. If you are looking to have a few cold ones by your car before the game I would park in the cash lots mentioned in the OP.
  8. Official Cash Lot Parking Thread (merged)

    All the info you seek is in the first post in this thread. There are no shuttles from the Morgan Blvd. stop (or any metro stop) to the stadium. It is exactly a 1 mile walk (15-20 mins) from the station to FedEx Field.
  9. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    If that's the case, I would consider getting loge tickets. The suite experience is definitely awesome with people you know and a good spread of food and beer, but I don't think you are really getting the suite experience if you are sitting there with strangers and have to venture out to the Upper Level concourse to get food and drink.
  10. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    I agree RFKFedEx, I don't see an individual owner of one of those suites putting a ticket up for sale online. I would be very cautious about purchasing because I believe Sideline Suite owners get several "suite passes" per game that allow access to the suite but do not grant you entrance into the stadium (many have speculated these passes were created in response to new lobbying laws, see this article: http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2008/05/Issue-163/Franchises/Redskins-Offer-Suite-Guest-Passes-In-Response-To-Lobbying-Laws.aspx) If the ticket is in fact a legit suite ticket than perhaps it is a "vacant" that the team could not find a buyer for because of the economy. I that case I would definitely not expect a free for all on food and booze, in fact I have no idea how concessions would work in that case.
  11. Well, considering the Redskins recent record in primetime games and their all time record wearing throwback jerseys I think they made the right choice. In fact, I can't seem to ever recall the Skins winning a game while wearing any kind of throwback jerseys. The only primetime game the Skins have won in the past 5 years was the Sunday Night season opener against Dallas in 2010.
  12. According to Lavarleap56 we are not wearing the throwbacks against the Giants. He is hearing burgundy tops/white pants for the G-Men and possibly the throwbacks for the Ravens game.
  13. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    Agreed, the first page of this thread is the most comprehensive guide regarding tickets and pricing that you will find on the internet, much better than the Redskins official website. There is an extremely large range of prices, ranging from $300,000-$400,000 per season for an Owner's Club Suite (that fits around 18 people per game) to obstructed view seats that sell for $29 plus tax per game.
  14. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    Unfortunately that is the standard practice on those online coupon sites. People always want to think they are getting a "discount" when they are buying something and companies have found that even fake discounts boost sales. A tour at FedEx is difficult to put a dollar amount on but I didn't think what they were asking was unreasonable. I totally agree with S&S. I don't think the Skins are trying to profit off of ST's memory. The organization has been extremely generous to the scholarship fund for his daughter and she will have the Redskins to thank when she's older for providing her with some financial stability despite the murder of her father at a young age (plus Sean's widow recently married Shay Haley - a famous musician so hopefully they will be well taken care of). I don't see the placement of Sean's locker in the Club Level or the tour that was offered as the team trying to profit from his death. I would rather see him memory cherished appropriately than ignored and I think the Skins are managing that pretty well. I went on the tour and it was a very cool experience that I was honored to be able to take part in.