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  1. If Vinny were here, we'd be right at the top of the list to trade for OBJ
  2. Who Starts at QB in 2018

    Jared Goff
  3. Slow news day so we're back to posting fake info. When Pryor signed yesterday you'd think this place was a soup kitchen with the amount of chaotic posts
  4. Honestly, Iv'e seen DHall on Special Teams as recent as last season I believe. He is a team player, and a leader. If he's needed on Special Teams...he'll do it. He really matured and grew up after his time in Atlanta and Oakland. I love the guy. Hope he retires a Redskin and will be in the Ring of Fame in no time
  5. I'm pretty sure all this Kirk Cousins to the 49ers talk is equivalent to the Lebron James to the Knicks talk back in 2009. We saw what happened
  6. I love this board. Relativity slow morning with all the Cousins/Allen bickering and then Pryor sings and its a posting explosion. I refreshed my page after 10 minutes and had to catch up on 4 pages worth of Pryor stuff
  7. Hang in there. Hopefully we land Pryor tomorrow. Someone made the good point earlier that usually when Snyder's plane is dispatched it usually means we arent letting him leave.