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  1. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    What am I missing?
  2. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    If you can make it through the whole 4 minutes and 8 seconds, I'll send you one piece of candy corn for Halloween.
  3. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Why are we playing at 4? it's on the east coast. I swear I never get to watch games live. Stupid job.
  4. The collars are stupid, but overall the uniforms aren't bad. They just seem a little fussy. I'd still like to see a modern redesign done. Even if it's just an alternate, I just want to see this team updated. We're already on the path with a young team and a rookie QB, let's go all in.
  5. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Oh holy ****, if you *******s don't cut the chik-fil-a bull**** out I'm going to summon Jumbo into this thread and you will all have hell to pay. MOVING ON. Olympic divers pooping
  6. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Is she covering up an ankle monitor?
  7. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I'd take that down. A warning about language isn't what the mods are looking for.
  8. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Number 17 is a photoshop, the A is turned upside down.
  9. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I locked my keys in my car this afternoon. Sigh.
  10. The Beer Thread

    Tonight im trying a Great Lakes Brewing Co. Edmund Fitzgerald, which is a porter. Great coffee notes, crisp like cocoa, very nice.
  11. I don't know for sure, but I think this is what they are referring to. I don't know any of these people so it could just be made up, but I do believe there are plenty of idiots on twitter and it's plausible.
  12. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Snapped this at the airport in Hanoi, Vietnam a few hours ago. Currently in Bangkok.
  13. I had a dream last night and the Blue jerseys were our throwback. The strange thing was that they were wearing blue pants too. The good news is we were up 14-3 at the half. RGIII scrambled and threw a TD pass at one point and it was a thing of beauty.
  14. Yes....yes they are. They are the most hideous jerseys I've ever seen. I don't care if they harken back to an old uniform. A mistake made twice is still a mistake.
  15. This has me excited and worried. Anniversary uniforms are generally ugly imo. I was hoping for more of a modern/alternative. Either way, can't wait to see what it is.
  16. I don't like the design but the colors are right. There has to be a designer out there that can make those colors work with the new uniforms. Don't really care for the spear but the helmet needs a feather incorporated somehow. ---------- Post added April-3rd-2012 at 09:34 PM ---------- It's just clearly not burgundy and gold. It's ketchup and mustard and it bugs me. 49ers have gold, why can't we? Tone the red down to what burgundy should look like, and we're set.
  17. I'd have no problem with that either. I'm ready for an infusion of modern designs using our existing colors. One problem is that we don't actually wear Gold, we wear a mustard, which is why it looks so McD's. I think if they actually used a gold and a deep burgundy, and used modern styling, they could make something really cool.
  18. You do realize those are our colors right? What colors should we be wearing? Maroon and black?
  19. Apparently there's an interesting alternate uniform coming out. I kinda hope it's drastic, I want to see something fresh. Out with the old, in with the new.
  20. Can't wait to see it then. Wonder why it wasn't unveiled today, maybe they wanted to show of the new Seahawks uni first.
  21. Really wanted to is different, from actually DID do it. Are there any pictures of the alternate yet?
  22. Where did he say that? Twitter? I'm really excited. I like the new Seahawks. I know a lot of people will hate it and would hate for us to change, but I just think it's time. It's not like the current design has been the same one we've used for close to 80 years, it's changed before I don't see why it can't change again.
  23. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    They're Canadian. "Pft, physical violence is the least of my priorities."