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  1. Show Yourselves II

    Name of the picture file + Google = Brilliant!!
  2. Show Yourselves II

    Yes. Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. http://www.der-berliner.com/berlin/church.htm
  3. Show Yourselves II

  4. Show Yourselves II

    Only a bit lighter.
  5. Show Yourselves II

    Does anyone else think manichispanic looks like Chris Samuels?
  6. Show Yourselves II

    I was in 3/4 - 81s platoon. It was 3/9, but they changed it to 3/4 in 94 when they got rid of the 9th regiment.
  7. Show Yourselves II

    That was at MWTC in Bridgeport, CA. I don't remember the name Picklemeadows. The "First Randry" was right outside of the gate at camp Fuji. I noticed it while waiting for the bus and had to get a pic. Good times.
  8. Show Yourselves II

    My favorite one: Me infront of a dry cleaners in Gotemba, Japan.
  9. Show Yourselves II

    And here's me trying to look tough in snow cammo. Notice the tough guy has no magazine.
  10. Show Yourselves II

    Hey Tarhog - I told you a few days ago I'd post a pic of my platoon, but I can't find it. So here's a few good memories from those days: Here's me on top of Mt Fuji:
  11. Show Yourselves II

    Man, Westbrook, why'd you have to go and be a Marine? Now I have to give you some respect. Where's the fun in that? Semper Fi
  12. Show Yourselves II

    Just playing with you bro. I got nothin' but love for you. (In a Redskins brotherhood kinda way, not some wierd NAMBLA thing)
  13. Show Yourselves II

    I pictured Renegade 7 as one of these:
  14. Show Yourselves II

    Thanks Jaydean - I of course think she's the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's always good to hear it's not just me.
  15. Show Yourselves II

    Like a Rhinestone Cowboy!