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  1. This is terrible news because it stunts the growth and prevents us from seeing a first rounder who was off to a very quality start to his career. However, in terms of in a vacuum, I don't think his loss is the kind of loss that changes a ton in terms of outlook for the remainder of the season. He is a guy that was playing well and easily projected to improve, but he wasn't yet a dominant force. And he hasn't even been our best DT, that's been MI. Now, I am concerned about a cumulative toll on D-- we need some of the other hobbled guys to get back fast. But assuming they do, losing Allen for the season shouldn't be a death blow to our season.
  2. We don't want to overreact. Individually, this a big blow on the Allen front, no doubt. But the injuries to Breeland, Norman, and Everett don't appear to be serious. If those guys can go Monday, then I'd say we are trotting out a relatively healthy football team all things considered. If they can't go, then yes, the defense is in a perilous position for that game. But there is a reason a point spread changes wildly if a QB is out but doesn't move at all if a rookie DT is out.
  3. Record: 7-4-1 Home: 3-1-1 Road: 4-3 --Redskins are currently on a two game losing streak on 10-23 (2011, 2016) both games on the road --Previous to that the Redskins had a four games winning streak on 10-23 spanning 22 years (1983-2005) --The Redskins have played the Eagles, Lions, and Colts twice on October 23rd. Oddly, they have never played the Cowboys on this date. This Monday will mark the third meeting between the Redskins and Eagles on 10-23 1938: Win at Philadelphia Eagles 20-14: A packed house of 3,000 were in attendeance for this one. The NFL has come a long way... 1949: Loss at Philadelphia Eagles 49-14: Would have been a bad day on the board if ES existed back then. 1955: Win at Baltimore Colts 14-13. 1960: Tie at Pittsburgh Steelers 27-27: We tied the week before as well. 1966: Win vs. St. Louis Cardinals 26-20: Everyone should google the Cardinals logo circa 1966. Pretty sweet with the muscle-bound bird under the arch. 1977: Loss vs. New York Giants 17-6: A forgettable day for most I'm sure. But a personal side note for me--my wife was born on this day. 1983: Win vs. Detroit Lions 38-17: That 83 offense was just incredible. Thus game has a very odd footnote. We had a RB named Reggie Evans--1983 was his only year in the league. He retired with a total of 16 carries and 11 rushing yards. He scored three TDs that day. Riggins did not play in this game-- Joe Washington went off in his absence. 1988: Win at Green Bay Packers 20-17: Looking back at the 88 season in these threads has been weird for me. I either have strong memories of the games are none at at all. 1990 was the year I discovered satellites at a local sports bar (I was 13) and that's when I started watching every game live. Prior to that I was bound to national games or whatever was on regionally. So I think that may have something to do with it, but 1988 has more memory gaps for me than other years. I recall virtually nothing of this game other than it was played in Milwaukee, not at Lambeau. Don Majkowski was the QB for the Packers that day (keep that in mind). 1994: Win at Indianapolis Colts 41-27: Get on the Gus Bus! What a strange phenomenon. Heath Shuler was less than half a season into his career, but it already didn't look good. Writing appeared to be on the wall. I do not recall if he failed to start this game due to performance or injury, but either way, another rookie got the nod. The week prior against the Cardinals we lost 19-16 in OT, Heath completed 11 passes and threw 5 INT's. To this day, I've never seen an NFL QB look more out of his element than Shuler. Gus Frerotte started and had a nice game. We had a big second half and "improved" to 2-6. I watched at a sports bar and I was oddly thrilled. I was 17 years old and still pretty naive and thought we'd turn it around fast. I just figured we'd found a QB and that was that. I even remember Gus doing national TV interview on the MNF game that week. Two weeks later I'd attend my only game at RFK and the Get on the Gus Bus stuff was in full swing. The late round rookie winding up being better than the top 5 pick? Hmmmm...have seen that since? 2005: Win vs. San Francisco 49ers 52-17: I mentioned my wife was born on the same day as our 1977 game. Well, this was the first day the Skins played on her bday after we were married. In my 30+ years as a fan I have missed a handful of late season games in bad years by choice. In terms of games I missed because I had conflicts etc....I'm serious when I say probably fewer than 10 in 30 years. I've worked my tail off over the years to avoid those situations. But this one, well this was one I missed. I attended our game the previous week in KC. We lived in Tulsa at the time with my wife's family about 2 hours away in OKC. For her bday they wanted her to come to town and eat lunch at one of her favorite spots. No TVs there and this was pre smart phone too. I pondered trying to reconfigure plans but didn't have any ideas that aren't lame. So I gave it up. I did have a friend call me once or twice with updates and was put at ease when I heard the scores. But this one goes on a short list of games I missed. 2011: Loss at Carolina Panthers 33-20: You know, I don't recall how I worked it but I definetly watched this game live with no conflicts like above. John Beck actually played alright on this day. Thought maybe he might be something. Well, that thought was erased a week later for sure. I remember this game being tight for awhile before Carolina pulled away. I also remember not caring much as I'd written us off already. 2016: Loss at Detroit Lions 20-17: Another game on my wife's bday. Luckily for me as long as I plan ahead and make sure we do celebratory things before and/or after, I'm good to watch the game. Of our 7 losses and one tie last year, this one was not the most painful by any means (we won 4 in a row previous to that), but I do think this was possibly the "one that got away" more so than any of the others. The Lions weren't all that great that day and we just sort of slogged through the first half. The Matt Jones fumble was huge and that was essentially the play that cost him his job (and possibly career). A last straw sort of thing. It was a weird game in that I had a bit of a hard time really getting into it-- kind of a boring lull. I felt good after the Cousins TD run, but I knew Stafford excelled in that situation. Having said that, our defense had already made some stops at the end of games that year and I felt decent that they could do it again. Oops... that TD pass to Boldin was like three inches from being picked off BTW.
  4. Ouch, that's a big blow. It's what I'd call our first real major injury blow of the season. Although losing Taylor AND Murphy in the front 7 previous to this had the effective of a cumulative blow IMO. But this one stings-- not only for what we lose this year, but just the general development of a guy that had gotten off to a really nice start. It's really all on Lanier now-- the only way we don't suffer from this is if he can hold his own. Probably asking a lot.
  5. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    I am not heartbroken over Hopkins either, but I just can't grasp signing a kicker with zero NFL appearances who had accuracy issues in college and throwing him into the fire on MNF on the road. He must have been super impressive in his tryout.
  6. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    Two things 1. Wild overreaction to losing Hopkins. Losing a kicker isn't a huge blow unless you have an automatic guy like Dan Bailey that can also make 55+ yarders. Hopkins was one of the least accurate kickers in the league. 2. I find our choice to be highly curious. To me, when you lose your guy what you want is to at least make sure you bring someone in that can handle the basics. I would prefer having a veteran that we know can make extra points and anything 45 and in. If that means sacrificing some touchbacks and 50 yarders, then so be it. I doubt we will ever have a need for an 80 yarder off a tee.
  7. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Can we stop with the "let up" stuff? It's as if the only way the Redskins can beat Philly is if the Eagles have a "letdown." I picked Philly 7-9 before the year. Looks like they will prove that wrong. But I'm still pegging them closer to 9-7 than I am to 12-4. I am both impressed and "meh" on them at the same time. My biggest positive impression is Wentz-- he's gotten a lot better and I like his moxie-- he reminds me of Big Ben. He isn't super accurate or efficient, but he's tough and makes plays-- great making something out of nothing. A QB like that can be very frustrating to face. And their D is solid, no doubt. But I've watched all of their games and I think we actually have the more dynamic roster in terms of overall talent and playmakers. I'm pretty iffy on their other skill position players and their secondary is not good--especially their corners. I wouldn't say the Eagles have been "lucky" because I think that overly disrespects their 5-1 start. But they HAVE gotten breaks and bounces to go their way. Probably more so than your average team through six games. Let me put it this way, I think we have a better chance to win Monday than if we were playing at Dallas instead. In other words, I'm not ready to completely flip the script and say the Eagles are clearly the team to beat in the East. It's a long season, even after this week. I am on the fence on who to pick this week-- if I knew for sure Norman was playing, I'd pick us. This is a good spot for the Redskins given league trends.
  8. Agree... in terms of volume we are probably on par with most teams-- and we haven't had any crushing in-season injuries yet. The one thing that is just unlucky is if you get hit in one area at one time. If we are without both starting CBs AND we have hobbling safeties, that really changes things.
  9. Has nothing to do with whether or not anyone thinks he's "totally awesome." Just pointing out that when we consider our WR production, Grant should be INCLUDED, not excluded from the discussion.
  10. Good news on Breeland and Norman-- both sound iffy for this week (which would be bad) but at least neither appear to be long term. The Allen news is a bummer, but was a little worried it could be a season-ender. Sounds like we will get him back for approx. the second half of the season. I'll take it.
  11. And my point is who gives a rat's arse if Grant is the most productive WR as long as the offense is moving the ball and succeeding in the clutch? The only time it becomes a problem to me is when Grant is the only one ever getting the ball AND the offense goes stagnant through the air. Currently, we are succeeding in the passing game quite nicely.
  12. I have been perplexed by many things over the years regarding what I read on ES. Perhaps some of you feel the same about things I've written... But for the life of me, I can't quite figure this Ryan Grant thing out. Lots of talk about how our WRs are hurting the offense right now. And then you look up and we really aren't having any trouble moving the ball through the air. We aren't having trouble converting 3rd downs. We aren't having trouble making big plays. It's not who we thought would be doing it before the year, but for the most part, the passing game is working quite nicely. The Raiders game we didn't need it-- but in our other three most recent games the offense was called upon for game-winning drive in the 4th quarter-- the offense came through each time (although in the Chiefs game resulting in a tie and not a go ahead TD). So while I would certainly love to see more production from the WRs, I honestly don't really care as long as the job is getting done. Which brings me to Grant. It's like Redskins fans watch the games and if there's a big 3rd down catch, they go "Yes!" and when they realize it's Grant it's like a letdown and they go "Oh, it was Grant, blech." The guy has been a valuable player for us this year-- he has made some really key/clutch catches. And he plays WR you know. So that's a WR making plays. It's as if some have pre-ordained that he isn't good, so therefore when he does good things it almost doesn't count. It's baffling. Maybe Kirk throws him the ball because...he gets open? Which means maybe he DOESN'T suck like so many have decided? Maybe he should even play a little more than he does? Currently, we have the following realistic options to catch passes: Grant, Crowder, Pryor, Doctson, Reed, Davis, Thompson. In that case, it's really hard to fully involve 7 guys each week. Kirk is spreading the ball around. At some point you'd like to see a little more production from your top 3 WRs, but again, if other guys like Davis and Thompson are making big plays while the defense still has to account for the others, then it's really the same (positive) result. And then maybe if a defense determines that they are NOT going to let Davis and Thompson beat that might be precisely when things open up for the others. I think we'd be better of worrying about what's worth worrying about on offense (getting the running game untracked) because pass catchers really aren't a concern to me at this point. Has the NFL gone back yet and rescinded the third down conversions Grant made yet?
  13. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    This is a GREAT spot for us. Doesn't necessarily mean we will win, but the way the game sets up for us is very, very nice. I really like us on Monday, currently the strongest feeling I've had on any game so far this year. That said, I'm waiting to make a pick until we get some injury news.
  14. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Well, we have the fewest three and outs in the NFL thus far.... I don't think the offense really went into a shell when we were up 17-0. Gotta remember that after we got up 17-0 the next time we got the ball on offense it was 17-10. And then after one failed drive, we get the ball and have the Davis play. I actually don't think the offense went conservative at all after we took we lead. What I do think hurt a little was when we were up 7-0 we had a couple of blah drives-- it's possible we could have jumped out bigger, faster yesterday if the offense had done a little better in the rest of the first quarter and start of the second. But overall, I didn't think we had an issue going into a shell yesterday.
  15. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I am pretty sure those in the "sell" category must have watched their first ever Redskins game starting with the 2014 season. Jay Gruden might be the best thing to happened to this franchise in 25 years.