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  1. Broncos fan here

    While I really don’t consider the Redskins fan base to be one of the stronger in the league (doesn’t compare to the other NFCE teams, Packers, Vikings, Bills, Chiefs, etc) we do have a very high VOLUME of fans and they are spread out all over. I go to road games most every year and we turn out in fairly large numbers just about everywhere. Los Angeles is a huge city full of transplants. The surrounding areas are full of them too. Redskins hadn’t played in SoCal in a long time (prior to week 2 of course) so if you were local it’s an easy way to see your team live. The other thing people need to understand is that a lot of those people may NOT be die hards. The fact that the Skins were 5-7 going in may not have mattered much to them. Very well could be a lot of casual fans just happy to spend the day at a game. I met some folks like that at the NOLA game— fans that were in Skins gear but after talking to them I could tell they were on the very casual side (didn’t really know players names, who we played the next week, etc). I just think we have a ton of people around the country who consider themselves enough of a fan to roll out on the occasions the Skins come close to them. What we don’t have is that strong, local base where th entire community identifies with the organization like you get in a market like Buffalo, KC, Green Bay, or even Philly.
  2. Not a business major, but I do understand the way the NFL works fairly well. And I can tell you that ticket sales, merch sales, and local TV ratings are a drop in the bucket for the Redskins and don’t affect the bottom line all that much. Sure, every dollar helps, but the NFL essentially operates on the principles of socialism with the biggest profits coming from the shared revenue. The NFL TV deal being one of them. Verizon just signed a 2.5 BILLION dollar deal with the league. That will trickle to all of the teams regardless of their own successes or failures. I am not saying that a drop in ticket sales or local ratings will go unnoticed— you can bet they are aware and I’m sure they don’t like it. But if we are talking strictly business here, it’s not a huge deal. Totally agree with this; the Bills mean a lot more to Buffalo than the Redskins do to the DC area as a whole. My Moms family is from Buffalo and I spent a lot of time there as a kid. Bills are a huge deal and the fact that they’ve been horrible for 20 years has frustrated fans, but hasn’t cracked or fractured them. The Redskins base has basically gone “meh, I’ll do something else” and they will wait until the team is good again to come back. Meanwhile Bills fans wake up at 4am to plow their way to Orchard Park to watch a 5-6 team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 20 years. It is a stronger base no doubt. Redskins likely have more volume nationwide, but the fever for the Bills is still raging while locally for the Skins most people just ignore them.
  3. This isn’t what HAPPENING. It’s HAPPENEDED. It’s over, the fan base checked out long ago. Heck we’ve talked about that Steelers take over at FedEx and that was a decade ago. Its a combo of all the things we talked about in the other take over thread. If they are good again, fans will tune in and watch. But there aren’t many die hards any longer. It is both a poor reflection on Snyder and the organization and the fan base itself. Look no further than Buffalo for a comp. Bills are one of the few teams that has been FOR SURE worse than we’ve been since Snyder took over. They have had ZERO playoff appearances since 1999, multiple coaches, ownership issues which include flirting with possibly moving the team. The few times they’ve had expectations they’ve come up well short. They can’t find a QB. They can’t keep a coach. They can’t beat the Patriots and they can’t make the playoffs. Yet, did you see that place on Sunday? An absolute blizzard and there isn’t a seat to be had. And I can promise you there weren’t many Colts fans in those seats. And the local TV rating was through the roof— this for a 5-6 team coming in they had gotten absolutely massacred a couple of times in previous weeks. And the Bills are one team you can’t play the “yeah but...” game with. There is nothing better about being a Bills fan over the past 20ish years than a Redskins fan. I’m sure they’d love to have had those four playoff appearances. And their stadium is old and in the middle of nowhere in the burbs with not much around it—similar to FedEx. Packers would be another example— they were awful for 20ish years (basically the entire 70s and 80s) but not much changed in the stands. So all all of the criticism that is levied at Snyder and the Redskins is deserved. There is no need to spin it any other way. But I’ve also come to realize that Redskins fans as a whole are pretty meh as well. I’m one of them so I’m not pointing fingers. Just pointing out the realities.
  4. The “buying gear” thing is irrelevant unless you convince all NFL to do it. Just ask Jerry Jones who has fought it many times. Revenue sharing is alive and well on all merchandise. Snyder benefits every time an Aaron Rodgers jersey is sold.
  5. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    Oh there’s a way.
  6. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I actually think that would be a perfect game to attend. Everything will be cheaper and there’s no real stress involved. No pain if they lose and if they win maybe they do it in some sort of cool way or something. Five minutes after the game ends it won’t matter either way, so it’s a good opportunity to enjoy the day without having the outcome ruin it.
  7. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I can promise you that anyone that knows me would not describe my Redskins fandom as "healthy." Especially my wife But I will say this, I have a made conscious decision to not let the Redskins take the Redskins away from me.... if that makes sense. Some say life is too short to spend it wasting time on something that you don't enjoy. I agree with that. However, my view is that life is too short to NOT enjoy what you REALLY enjoy. So even though it ends in disappointment more often than not (or pretty much always really), I actually still enjoy the Redskins and football season. I don't care about Snyder or Allen or honestly even Gruden or Kirk. This is a personal thing for me. I hope someday I get to see them at the pinnacle again. That would be very cool. But if not, I'm still going to enjoy it as much as I possibly can every single year. One of my best days of the year in 2017 was November 19th. Yes, this was the day of the Saints game. That loss was horrific. Being there live was so painful. I'll never be able to erase that. However, I was with my daughter, it was a beautiful day. We had an awesome weekend in NOLA. The crowd was great, Skins fans everywhere. She loved the scene. She had her gear on and was rooting for the Skins... not because she cares really, but because she wanted them to win for me. My memories from that day will always be a tad mixed, but in the end, it was a great, great day. And it likely never happens without the Redskins. It's why we made the trip when we made it and it was the crescendo event of the weekend. I'll keep doing it until I die. And yes, games like that may very well expedite the process.
  8. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    I will leave that to someone else. I have very little energy/interest in the draft.
  9. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    2017 Playoff Tracker Thread 10-24-17 to 12-10-17 Sort of like the life of a goldfish... a glorious 47 day life cycle I'll start it earlier next year to potentially stack the odds of beating the 2017 tracker
  10. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    It's a flip of a switch for me..... I went through all my normal routines yesterday and was interested in the game. Set up the two TVs on the deck, jersey, hat, snacks, drinks....had some family over--- the full on routine I pull off every week and enjoy. And then I turned the TV off the Redskins game at the end of third and didn't watch any of the fourth (still haven't seen the Breeland TD). I also went a took my flag down and raised the Thunder flag-- a symbolic way of switching officially to basketball season I guess. I wasn't mad, I didn't do it in anger. I packed the flag away, the jerseys won't come out again and while I may or may not watch our final three games I won't be going out of my way to do so. With three kids and a life it is HARD WORK ensuring you have a spot in front of the TV (or going to a game) 6+ hours per Sunday, 16 times per year. I really, really love it- it is one of my favorite things to do and I would never deprive myself of that as long as I'm enjoying it. But it is also exhausting. So when we're done, I can check out pretty easily. I enjoyed the season... just about as much as any other (and I go back to the early 80s). Of course ending the enjoyment on Dec. 10th instead of sometime in January is a bummer and disappointing, but this season the enjoyment level did trump that of several others throughout the years. There have been seasons where I "took the flag down" so to speak WAY before December 10th. I look forward to the Redskins and the Sunday routine all year. This year I attended three games (both Dallas games and NOLA) and had a great time those weekends-- I'll never erase the pain of that NOLA loss, but it was still an enjoyable weekend and event. So when it's over, I'm always a little bummed, disappointed and you get that "man, will I EVER see them be great again?" feeling. But I've been doing this for 25 years now, so it's old hat and no big deal. I flip the switch... I will consume a little bit of Redskins related stuff over the next three weeks, but it will tail off big time (I already have turned off 980 for the year). Once that last game finishes I'll be basically be on to other things-- I'll go from checking ES hourly to checking it a couple of times of week and I'll likely go on my normal 6ish-month posting hiatus. I won't pay particularly close attention to the draft or off-season, just the things I need to know to stay up to speed. I'll be super heavy into basketball and then baseball once that ends (Reds fan here, so unfortunately they give me less than the Redskins do normally). The one exception will be schedule release day-- I love that day and I'll start looking at potential road trips. Then, around mid July I'll start to really long for some football and I'll start checking ES more regularly. In August I'll turn 980 back on and start making it a part of my daily routine. I'll watch all the pre-season games and be excited for the opener. The routine will start anew and we will see how long it lasts for 2018. In 2014 it was early November. 2015 they made it all the way through the first week in January. Pretty close to that in 2016. 2017 was December 10th. We will see what 2018 has to offer. I enjoy it, I look forward to it, I still buy stuff, and I'll always get Sunday Ticket and make a big deal out of watching games. It's really no different than 1991 for me I in that regard. And then I can just go into hibernation and more or less ignore them for 5-6 months once I'm done with it.
  11. Is it still early?

    Just pointing out that the glut of injuries occurred at precisely a time when we played some of the best teams the league has to offer...it got a little bit worse each week which can be attributed to attrition to some extent. Its tough because I totally get the overall feeling of hopelessness and dejection. Another Redskins season down the drain and ultimately it doesn’t matter why. I understand that. But if you take the 2017 season as a entity unto itself I do very much think it can explained first by the terrible injury circumstances. Then from there, you can pick out other areas.
  12. Is it still early?

    Well @dyst the difference this year is that they WERE ready to play early. Pre season was a disaster but didn’t really carry over. Week one Kirk had what I felt was his worst game of the year, but we played OK and lost a tight game to arguably the best team in the league. Then the next week we go on the road to what is a likely division winner and play quite well and win. Then we dismantle the Raiders on prime time. The next week another prime time game and we are obviously ready to roll in KC. But guys start dropping like flies in that game and that is precisely when the defense starts to worsen. But those first four games this year we looked VERY legitimate. After that we were ravaged by injuries coupled with a brutal stretch of schedule. We battled through it and then suffered a devastating loss in NOLA. I do think criticism is warranted on two fronts... 1. The Cowboy and Charger losses were really bad. Even with the UPS drivers we have out there, it’s a bad look. 2. No matter the circumstance they are 5-8 and not going to the playoffs so looking at this as just another meh year in a string of them is a fine angle to take. But I actually don’t think this year in vacuum what you are talking about really applies. Redskins looked pretty darn good early this season. They were compensating for things like the WR issue by utilizing other weapons, etc. Everyone that freaked out about Kirk and the team looking like garbage in pre-season was probably overreacting. By week 2 we were winning on the road against the Rams.
  13. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    So long old friend... I look forward to seeing you next year (until at least Halloween.... hopefully).
  14. Redskins vs Chargers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Exacrly. Difference between braggadocio and statement of fact and this is an example of the latter. It is factually incorrect to state that the Redskins haven’t improved over thus span or that this is the same ole Redskins we always see. This stat is simply a tool to disprove that. Now if your take is that who cares because we aren’t really going anywhere anyway then that’s a different story.
  15. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    This thread is hilarious. Norman is awesome—he gives up like one pass per game and it’s always surprising when he does. He is EXACTLY what you want from a #1 CB and he’s been an excellent signing