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  1. I was there. My first ever Redskins game. I was 10 years old.
  2. Redskins are having a rather nice off season in my estimation. Too bad so many fans will miss it as they plummet from tops of buildings and bridges.
  3. Well, I've had a chance to digest it now and here are my thoughts. First of all, I think this may have been my best mock/prediction ever on the schedule. I posted mine on page 3 of this thread on Feb. 6th. Here it is: 9-10-17 (Sun, 1:00): Eagles 9-17-17: (Sun, 1:00): at Saints 9-21-17: (Thur, 8:30): Giants 10-1-17: (Sun, 4:25): at Seahawks BYE 10-15-17: (Sun, 8:30): at Cowboys 10-22-17: (Sun, 1:00): 49ers 10-30-17: (Mon, 8:30): at Eagles 11-5-17: (Sun, 1:00): Raiders 11-12-17: (Sun, 4:25): at Giants 11-20-17: (Mon, 8:30): Vikings 11-26-17: (Sun, 1:00): Cardinals 12-3-17: (Sun, 4:25): at Rams 12-10-17: (Sun, 4:05): at Chargers 12-17-17: (Sun, 1:00): Broncos 12-24-17: (Sun, 1:00): at Chiefs 12-31-17: (Sun, TBD): Cowboys Got off to a good start by nailing the opener, including start time. Also got the BYE week exact. Missed both the Niners game and the game at Philly by one week-- I did correctly predict that at Philly would be on MNF. Got the Chargers came correct including the 4:05 start time and was one week off on the Broncos game. Had the Vikings and Saints games placed in the middle of schedule which is where they wound up. Missed the finale and was well off on the Raiders, Chiefs, and Rams games. All in all, not too shabby. 1. Happens every year, but there is no sense at all in claiming this to be a "brutal" schedule. I mean, who knows. That is all based on what happened last year and as we know the NFL flip-flops year to year more than any other league. Last year we freaked out over those late season games with Arizona and Carolina and while we wound up losing both of those, they weren't "brutal" games at all-- those were two subpar teams last year. This year, who knows-- maybe the Chiefs and Raiders won't be as tough as we think-- maybe the Saints are way tougher. 2. I see nothing that jumps out at me as unfair or harsh. The Giants are freaking out over their schedule, so we can maybe put the conspiracies to bed. It's odd that we only have one back to back home stretch and one back to back road stretch. Otherwise, the games are very evenly slated in terms of home/road. 3. Surprised by the 6 National TV games with 5 of them being primetime. I thought we'd get 3 primetime and maybe one national Sunday game. Ratings were down last year and league went all in on the sure-bets this year. Skins play in the NFC East and probably not a great chance we totally suck this year (hopefully). Also note that all 5 primetime games are non-flexible. None of them can move. We are still eligible to get picked up for one more Sunday Night game. 4. Been awhile since we got that stand-alone late Sunday afternoon "game of the week." Looking forward to that one against Dallas in late October. Racking my brain, I cannot remember the last time we played Dallas at home in the late Sunday slot that WASN'T the last game of the year. And I really can't remember the last time we played them in that slot mid-season at home. If I'm really bored, I might look into that later. 5. I dislike the 1pm Sunday starts- I prefer late Sunday and I also like the primetime games. I like to remain in a good mood and enjoy football as long as possible each Sunday/weekend. 1pm Sunday always feels like the undercard to me. Past few years, we've been very 1pm heavy. This year, that is a big difference. With all of the primetime and west coast games.... I am loving we have only 7 1pm starts scheduled and three of those are the final three weeks of the season. So only four 1pm games until Dec. 17th. Loving that. And those games may very well move if they mean anything-- especially the NYE game with the Giants. 6. I love going to games and making trips. I might try for three this year. Lots of good options... went to KC in 2005 and loved it. Easy trip for me so that's on the radar as is New Orleans and possibly the Chargers.
  4. 1pm Sunday unless all the other leaks are wrong
  5. We really need to stop doing this....there is no conspiracy or favoritism. Every fanbase looks at the schedule and thinks they get screwed. The Giants make four separate West Coast trips over the last 11 weeks... none of them back to back, all with east coast travel before and/or after.
  6. Always prefer to close on the road. Week 17 is so wishy-washy never knowing what may or may not be on the line.
  7. Rumor: Redskins close at Giants on NYE
  8. Rumors of Giants/Cowboys week one again. If true, that eliminates three more possibilities for our opener. My opener guess is still that we play the Eagles in Philly.
  9. Three teams actually.... we play the Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs this year. So we know none of those will be week 1... and we know we won't be hosting the Giants week one. I'm fine with the Thanksgiving Game.... being at home on a Thursday holiday is a little bit more of home field advantage than normal. Giants will be the ones that have to travel, etc. on Wednesday. I don't love the "every team must play Thursday" thing at all and I agree with others that the product is general worse--- but if we have to do it, having it on Turkey Day is cool with me. All of our family tradition type stuff is usually done by early evening. Plenty of time to settle in for the night game. I'm an out-of-towner so it doesn't affect me like it would a season ticket holder. But technically speaking, I think we got the advantage here being at home for this game.
  10. Well, you arrive the day the Patriots will open the season on Thursday night and you leave on a Monday--- so unless we happen to play that Monday you leave, we will play three games while you are in the states. Certainly a chance we play out in Los Angeles whe you are here. I wouldn't think week one--- just going off of history that doesn't seem likely. Although there isn't anything that would preclude that from happening.
  11. I am not a big off-season fan. I am "meh" on FA and draft talk and very bored by training camp. But I love the schedule release stuff.
  12. I would also like to point out that no General Manager should have "complete control" of anything. I own a business and also act as the GM. I have partners in ownership. I make the majority of the decisions, many of those without even consulting the others. But there are several decisions that are made where we discuss as a group-- and sometimes I am over ruled or convinced to go another route. Same goes with the managers that work for me. I do my best to empower and not micro manage them, but there are ABSOLUTELY things I want them to consult with me about and there have been times where I have stepped in and asked or "mandated" another direction. A GM of a football team should not be able to make the decision on the franchise QB without consulting the President and Owner. That should 100% be a group discussion/decision. Now, if owner/Pres are constantly over-ruling or stepping in then it defeats the purpose of having a GM and breaks down what is probably the ideal structre. But all of this nonsense about how the owner and Pres should just completely step aside for a GM is just that, nonsense.
  13. I don't like reacting to information I don't have. All we know is that they fired him. That's it. Everything else is speculation. You have two parties neither of which has earned the benefit of the doubt. It's reasonable to think the Redskins smaeared SM and it's reasonable to think SM completely fell off the wagon again. History there of both. I don't know and clearly the media doesn't either because no one has really actually said anything-- they've simply drawn conclusions based on history. Prior to three weeks ago I never heard a negative word about Bruce Allen as a guy. As a matter of fact that take on him was generally good dude/not so great evaluating talent. And after the Kirk "how you like me now" game the media narrative was that SM was the one catching that heat from Kirk and HE was the one not wanting to extend and he was clashing with Allen/Snyder who wanted to get it done. Now, that narrative has flipped. Maybe because it's true but maybe because it's convenient. It is possible SM went off the rails and the Redskins had no choice. Maybe they supported him; maybe they could have done more. Or maybe he was totally sober and they completely did it over power and then lied. Who knows. I sure as hell don't. So I just go off what I DO KNOW. --We've had two relatively solid seasons --Roster has stabilized --We fired a GM --We extended our coach --We signed FAs that I like and I think we've generally been smart thus far in the off-season roster-wise That's about it. The Kirk situation is TBD. The rest of FA is TBD. The draft is TBD. The GM search is TBD. Next season is TBD. I am going to wait and see before I make any proclomations. We trade Kirk, we don't hire a GM, we make questionable draft picks, we regress next year in terms of record.... Well, that's when I'll say "looks like they bungled it again." But it is WAY premature for me to go there now. ESPECIALLY if Kirk does sign a LTD-- I think that would be your signal that this was a whole lot of melodrama and maybe we had a GM with a drinking problem who clashed with the team President. And that might be all there is to it. In other words, ask me again in November.
  14. The media/fan reaction over the past 2-3 weeks is the most absurd thing I've ever witnessed in my 30+ years of being a Redskin fan. Yes, even more absurd than the Romeo Bandison face mask penalty. I am completely baffled. I keep wondering if there has been some news released of which I am unaware, but I look and look and can't find anything and then I'm baffled again. Its nuts