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  1. kleese

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    Well, if you didn’t feel trapped BEFORE last week, you really should now. The Redskins are pretty much guaranteed to be playing games with playoff implications into mid December at the very least. Consider this... Dallas beats Atlanta, Philly beats NOLA, Philly beats Giants, we lose to Texans, we lose to Cowboys. That right there would be the absolute worst case outcome of the next two weeks. And if it happened we’d STILL be in first place, albeit at that point it would a three way first place tie at 6-5. And even if we lost the NEXT one to Philly to fall to 6-6 we would almost certainly still control our own playoff destiny over the final four games. Essentially, no matter what happens we are guaranteed to take the field against the Giants on Dec. 10th very much alive in the playoff mix. The WORST case scenario being that we’d be “alive.” That’s the WORST case. The best case of course is that we’d be cruising. I think the most likely is that we will be in good shape, but still have a little work to do.
  2. I think Norman is simply reacting to a truly remarkable phenomenon. The Redskins fans travel REALLY well. Amazingly well actually. Probably one of the better road “invading” crowds in the entire league. So I think guys like Norman see that and are puzzled by it... the simple question of... “we obviously have passionate fans all over the country, where are they at FedEx?” Sure, as fans this is a 25 year deal. For Norman and really everyone a Redskins Park it doesn’t compute because they haven’t been here long at all. So they don’t quite get it and there is really no reason they would get it. He didnt rip the fans at all. Just sort of pointed out the puzzling nature of it and as others have said also kind of trying to rally everyone. No issues at all with comments.
  3. kleese

    Does Doctson even care?

    Small nit to pick here and I think Brennaman also got it wrong on the broadcast. The defense purposely sets up at the sticks right there. Doc settled in the only space he could settle. What you hope there is that he’s able to make a move or they miss the tackle. But if you look at that replay, there is almost no way it’s going to be a completion if he runs it 1-2 yards deeper.
  4. kleese

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    @hail2skins As far the stadium and fan fervor goes, I’m over it. It doesn’t matter to me and I accept what it is. The ship has sailed. They missed a generation of fans and DC is the proverbial transient area where locals don’t necessarily feel the community link to the team like they do in places like Buffalo where the team has been even worse but fan involvement remains high. Even if we go bananas the rest of the year and enter the last game at 11-4 I’d still expect the stadium to be overrun by Philly fans. It’s just the way it is now and will likely take years and years to change it— and by the way, I think the whole “stadium invasion” thing is just a new deal in the league and actually won’t go away even if we win Super Bowls. Fans travel more now and people root for teams for different reasons than they used to. A place like DC is a desirable travel destination. I think we will deal with invading fans for infinity now— yes, the better we are, the less we will see, but it will still be a thing. I think your parallel to the 1999 Bills game is really good. That entire year it felt like we were one win away from REALLY doing something and we lost on all of those occasions. The loss at Indy later in the year also always stood out to me. That was the year we didn’t beat anyone with a winning record (sans Miami in the final meaningless game of year) and still went 10-6. Heck this year we’ve beaten the Panthers and Packers both of we were better than anyone we beat in 1999. Yet, there we were, one play away from the NFC Championship Game— which is why you always want to get in. Who knows what shenanigans might take place. I am just not sure we can be ALL of those things... if you have a horrible QB and OL— then what do you want the “brain dead” coach to do. Are there coaches out there having great success with terrible QBs and OLs?? If anything wouldn’t you say going 5-3 with a “QB and OL that sucks and suspect D” is worthy of coach of the year talk?
  5. I know a few of you differ from the mindset I’m talking about here, but the majority of you will be in the same boat. For me, as a sports fan I’ve always found it a necessary survival mechanism to separate what I THINK will happen from what I HOPE will happen. Meaning, if I spent my sports fan-life only really being interested when I had a deep belief there was gold at the end of the rainbow, well, maybe I’d be more stable, but I’d also be far more bored. So for me it’s all about the technical possibility. In 1992 I had very, very little hope we could beat the Cowboys in a potential NFC Championship game in Dallas... I am quite sure we would have gotten slaughtered in that game. However, that didn’t matter to me— I was (and remain) crushed we didn’t get the opportunity when we fumbled away the 49ers game. In the Norv years I knew the odds of wining in the playoffs wer gonna be REALLY slim, but I still wanted to get there... You get my point. So here we sit at 5-3 at the midway point of the season. First place in division. And I think the WORST grade you could give the Redskins for the first half is a solid B. And that’s the WORST grade you give give them. In other words, we’ve played half a season and the results have been quite positive. Now, the path they’ve taken to get to 5-3 is far from pretty... but I’ve seen 3-5 enough to know that 5-3 is ALWAYS better, period. And now the crushing news about the crazy injuries and signing half an OL off the street. It’s really frustrating and deflating. Of course my head is telling me we are in big trouble and our first place status won’t last much longer. But here’s the deal. As long as the games matter when they kickoff, they will still matter to me. Consider this: let’s say we hit rock bottom and this one game losing streak turns into a four game losing streak. Yep, let’s say we lose to Tampa, Houston, and Dallas. And let’s say the Eagles WIN two out of three... The reality is that our game on MNF in Philly would STILL be for first place in the division that night. Yeah sure, if we do lose four in a row to fall to 5-6 will there be a feeling of impending doom heading to Philly? Yeah, no doubt. But at the same time I’m a Redskins fan. And if the Redskins are playing a game in December for first place in the division I am GOING to care no matter how much my brain tells me not to. And understand I’ve laid out what is likely the worst case scenario (this is also assuming Dallas isn’t running the table at the same time). In other words, there is really no escaping this season as a fan at this point. It’s probably going to take a five game losing streak to do that. Especially when you consider things are setting up much more likely this year that at least one 9-7 team gets in the NFC playoffs. So, while it might be nice to say “eh, we’re screwed” and check out for the year, I certainly can’t do that. The whole “well we’d be one and done in playoffs anyway” mentality has always been crap to me. Always felt those dudes must be a blast at parties. So here we sit in an odd position as Redskins fans: The Curse of First Place.
  6. kleese

    2018 Season Injury News

    Eh, name me the teams that have true quality OL depth in the league... meaning 3-4 guys on roster all capable of starting who are sitting on the bench.
  7. kleese

    2018 Season Injury News

    See, but I'm just not sure about that. I think pure dumb (bad) luck is what it amounts to. Trent got his thumb caught in a facemask and it disloacted causing at least a little ligament damage as well. Not really sure how to prevent that. Thompson got laid out on a viscous hit and suffered rib cartilage damage. Not sure how to prevent that (other than not getting hit). Last year Thompson got piled on and snapped his leg in half. Not sure how to prevent that. Now, maybe with some of the more minor stuff like the hamstring pulls or what not.... maybe there are things we are/aren't doing that could aid in recovery, etc... I won't speak to that considering I have no knowledge of such things. But for the injuries that have REALLY hurt us.... yeah, I think it's luck.
  8. Officially no schedule change for Redskins in two weeks. For those that don’t like night games you should be happy we lost.... Steelers/Jags did get flexed out and was replaced by Vikings/Bears... I think had we beaten the Falcons that our game with Texans very well may have ended up on SNF. And now Bears fan can cry like we did two years ago... a SNF game followed by Thanksgiving on the road... and in their case it’s the early game to boot. So now we know for sure that our next four games will be staying exactly where they are— and the odds of either the Giants or Jags games moving is very, very slim (it wouldn’t be to Sunday Night obviously just an outside chance of a start/network change to accommodate other possible moves. The final game of year against Eagles remains unknown and will all depend on significance. But between now and week 17 I think you can pretty much bank on our schedule remaining as is.
  9. Agree, and I actually don’t care if Dallas wins tonight either. I kind of want them to be undefeated at home when we go there on Thanksgiving... law of averages trends in our favor. Sort of like how I am haopy we will catch the Texans on a six game win streak coming off their bye—- that’s a good set up for us.
  10. kleese

    Can we stop pretending now?

    Yeah I’m just not sure who is “pretending?” They are 5-3 and I’m enjoying the games and the season thus far. Do I think they can win the Super Bowl or even get there? No I don’t. But would I enjoy a playoff game regardless of the circumstances? Absolutely. If I only cared in years where I REALLY believed they could win big, well I guess my past 25 falls would have been much more open.
  11. Yep, I'd say the odds of catching the Rams are slim, real slim. I think our best case is to finish 6-3 the rest of the way and end at 11-5. I think 5-4 and landing at 10-6 is more likely. So unless you think the Rams could potentially finish 3-5 down the stretch I'd say they probably aren't worth worrying about and they actually become a team we root for most weeks. Now, while the Saints own the tie-breaker with us, we own it with Carolina.... so let's just say Redskins, Panthers, and Saints all finish 11-5. If the Panthers win the tie-breaker with Saints, then they would be the division winner... Saints would be wild card, and we would be ahead of Panthers based on head to head. Obviously if we finish in a one-way tie with NOLA we lose the tie-breaker. For now, I'd say root against both the Saints and Panthers especially when they play other teams that don't figure to be in the wild card race. My prediction this year is that one wild card team in NFC will be 9-7.
  12. kleese

    2018 Season Injury News

    Next two defenses will be the two worst overall D’s we have faced this year. Falcons are OK in front 7 and dreadful on back end. Bucs are just terrible everywhere.
  13. kleese

    In defense of Martyball

    Last game... Home vs Cardinals. That likely gave us an extra win that year... we couldn’t have beaten anyone those first few weeks.
  14. kleese

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Yes, Pete Kendall.
  15. kleese

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    I was at the Rams loss in 2008. That messed up that entire season. It was weird because we blew that game to a terrible team at home in fairly fascinating fashion to fall to 4-2. But then we actually did win our next two against the Lions and Browns— two more terrible teams. But in each of those games we played progressively worse and we were clearly regressing overall as a team. We were 6-2 but it felt odd. I certainly didn’t foresee the 2-6 finish but I felt shaky for sure. This team is just flat better than the 2008 team and they are better in just about every area. Zorn and friends got hot during the four game win streak— the two road wins at Dallas and at Philly were nice and we looked legitimately good in those games, but it was a quick and clear regression from there. While we’ve been playing and winning a bit ugly these past three weeks I don’t think we are getting worse— I actually think it’s the opposite. I don’t watch this team and feel like I’m seeing something that isn’t sustainable. On the contrary, I think we are likely a few tweaks and improvements away from being REALLY good as opposed to a few back steps away from being bad. I have certainly seen my share of fades after good starts (1996, 1997, 2000, 2008). So I’m not planning my playoff trip yet by any means. But I will be truly surprised if we just fall off a cliff from here. I think at WORST we are a solidly above average NFL team— and we may very well end up being far better than that.