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  1. It just came up with something saying justintv has banned channels

    I got that too after a few minutes, switched to elitehd.net, registered for free, and I watched the whole game. After registering, justintv worked the whole game, but the video got choppy so I stayed on elite. the pic wasn't quite as good as justintv, but acceptable under the circumstances.

  2. Thanks, I got justintv to work.


    ---------- Post added August-19th-2011 at 08:28 PM ----------

    Anyone have a stream of the game with the skins announcers? So far I'm only getting colts announcers and if I hear "Gonno" instead of Gano one more time I think I'm gonna scream

    I've been watching the stream on mute and listening to espn980. Its a little out of sync but it's better than the other teams announcers who seemed more interested in selling super bowl tickets

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