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  1. Wow, today I learned, in 1942 the Redskins had blue in their uniforms.


    As far as he alternates, we've had throw backs of the very early years (plain burgundy helmet), the late 60's Sonny years (spear), the Lombardi years (yellow "R" McDonalds unis), I think we are gonna go with a version of the 59-64 feather helmets....which personally I love.

  2. here's his pic of the wall of gloves...


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    Well, our burgundy does look darker....actually would be more burgundy. I've been wanting that for years and years.

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    I actually liked the fake/concept designs with the black and burgandy scheme and the feather going down the leg. Just think it's time for a fresh new start here in DC. New coach, new QB, new gear, hopefully new stadium eventually too.

    I think it looks awesome, our unis now are kinda stale

  3. YES. I'm 39 years old and grew up with the uniforms that won three SB's. But people need to stop being so scared of change. It has become stale, and we've been losing for 20 years! Uniform changes usually help a franchise. Broncos, Pats, and Bucs all won Superbowls after drastic changes....even the Bengals went to the Superbowl immediately after changing.....Heck, the Redskins first SB victory they had a slight change to the helmet that season.

    Personally, I like the old simple feather helmet...and never understood why it gets no love. Simple. Bring it back modernized.



    To look more like this:


  4. Wow. I'm not a Colt supporter, but there was no logic in that "blog." All it said was that the reasons Colt fans think he is great don't carry any weight. Yet, there is no counter argument with weight at all....the counter argument is "he'll never be any good" with nothing to back it up, except mention of Hawaii's performance in a bowl game. At least the Cult people have some information to base their support on.

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