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  1. Give this guy a CDL licence. He's about to be trucking over some people in the NFL.
  2. Judging by Perine's highlight tape, looks like his life moto is "Truck everyone".
  3. Can we all stop for a second and pay attention to the fact that we signed a GUY named Stacy? Who names his boy Stacy? "Hey, let's name him Stacy, he might grow up, get a sex change and get a job at Hooters"
  4. This boy Gunter just pulled a double Breeland.
  5. Will Comptom had no idea what to do on that play. Inside Line Backer. Captain. Awfull.
  6. 1. We HAVE to win. If that happens: 2. We need Bucs to lose today or next week (Panthers). That way they finish 9-7, which is worse than our potential 9-6-1 3. Need the Lions to lose tomorrow (Dallas). In that case they drop to 9-6 and their week 17 matchup (Packers) decides the winner of NFC North. Loser finishes 9-7 and goes home. - If Bucs win both, we are out. - If Lions win tomorrow, we need them to win week 17 against the Packers. And make the Packers finish 9-7. If they lose to Dallas, we don't care about their game.
  7. Detroit needs to lose tomorrow. Tampa needs to lose today or next week.
  8. So, when you put pressure on the QB, he throws the ball inacurate? Had no idea.
  9. Norman is padding his stats today!
  10. Vernon Davis is lost today. This was the second time he had no idea he has to do a motion. First time was on a Kirks sneak for a TD. Kirk signaled twice on that play for motion, but Davis is sleeping. This time Kirk had to yell at him to make him move.
  11. Barkley must be thinking: "Eff it, I'll just go deep"
  12. Holly crap that was awesome
  13. RG3 playing good and leading Browns to what might be their first win on the season. Kirk being mobile and getting yards on the ground? coincidence? I think not
  14. Replay? No, lets take a 3 minute commercial break instead.